Marine Biodiscovery Public Lecture with Dan Morse

Marine Biodiscovery Public Lecture with Dan Morse

This is a past event

Coinciding with the opening of the new £1.6M Marine Biodiscovery Centre. Professor Dan Morse is a global leader in the study and will talk about how marine organisms make materials such as shells, pearls and how sponges and corals lay down their skeletons.

Dan’s lab were the first to figure out how this is done by sponges and harnessed the methods to mimic this process in a test-tube. Dan’s presentation will cover all these topics and is entitled  “From Silica Skeletons of Sponges to Dynamically Tunable Photonics in Squid: Bio-inspired Materials Open New Horizons for Marine Biodiscovery”.

The presentation is sponsored by the Chemical Biology Interface Forum of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

All welcome. Admission Free.