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This is a past event

SPECTRA returns in 2022 to light up the winter nights offering an extraordinary experience of light and sound

From 10-13 February 2022 SPECTRA will bring together artists, thinkers, musicians and businesses with the public to experience the city at its best with interactive sculpturesarchitectural projections and experimental music inspired by Scotland’s Year of Stories. And alongside the festival, the Catalyst Conference will return to connect Scotland’s cultural sector to its counterparts across Nordic Nations and further afield. 

Organised by Aberdeen City Council in partnership with arts producers and place-makers Curated Place. The University of Aberdeen has been announced as a key sponsor of the festival, you can find out more about this here: www.abdn.ac.uk/news/15688

Find out more about the festival here: www.spectrafestival.co.uk

The SPECTRA Catalyst Conference seeks to create new partnerships across heritage, arts, public space and education.

SPECTRA's aim is to bring together arts, activism and those that hold the levers of power to critically question how the language of culture is used outside of the sector whilst trying to address how those of us in culture can better influence people's values beyond the sector and escape echo chambers. SPECTRA will interrogate the role of the arts in a (Post?) Covid UK and discuss who speaks for change and how we deliver it.

For the 2022 Catalyst Conference, SPECTRA are excited to welcome Dame Evelyn Glennie - internationally renowned musician and Chancellor of Robert Gordon University, Danny Forster Architect, Designer and Emmy-award-winning director/producer, Stuart J Robinson ex-Head of Planning and Executive Director at CBRE - alongside many more artists and leaders in culture, creativity, health, education, place & community from across Scotland and Internationally to help us investigate and interrogate the role of culture in recovery and renewal. 

Some of the panel sessions will also feature staff from the University of Aberdeen including Prof. Tavis Potts, Professor Chris Collins, and Professor Eleonora Belfiore.

SPECTRA would love you to join a new conversation and make creative ideas into reality by attending the Catalyst Conference. Tickets are available now on a pay what you can basis.

Find out more about the conference here: www.spectrafestival.co.uk/conference


For more information on the festival visit www.spectrafestival.co.uk

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