In Conversation with Henry McLeish

In Conversation with Henry McLeish

Episode eight of the 'PodFest 2020' podcast series

Former First Minister Henry McLeish talks to Neil McLennan about leadership in a crisis; how Scotland's politics and parliament might change before reflecting on life during lockdown and his primary passion- football.

The podcast discusses how MSPs might work within a post-Brexit, post COVID-19 Scotland, the potential of a further referendum and possible new ways of governance.

Furthermore, he will examine his own and his country’s dysfunctional relationship with the beautiful game, to understand the soul and spirit of Scottish football. 

Neil McLennan is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Leadership Programmes at the University of Aberdeen. Neil and Henry are both fellows of the RSA, previous supporters of May Fest.

The University of Aberdeen WORD Centre has kindly supported this event. 

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