The Centre’s research agenda is initially focusing on three broad themes 'Transport, Energy and Environment', 'Transport and Society' and 'Transport and the Digital Economy'.

Our Research Themes

Research within these three themes is expected to be realised within the framework of cross-cutting topics. The first three to be identified, with exemplar projects, are:

Consumers and Transport

Focusing on lifestyle choices and choices for travel

  • “Smart” choices and the context of the climate change debate: re-positioning public transport on the social policy agenda
  • Understanding customer expectations: micro-analysis of the customer base and expectations to derive pro-active promotion of sustainable transport solutions
  • Modelling the interactions of consumer choice and transport supply

Governance and Delivery

Focusing on shared transport and sustainable use of space

  • Assessment of public transport partnerships, performance and quality management
  • The interaction of demand management, land-use planning and accessibility
  • Delivery strategies for “clean” urban transport systems

Transport Futures

Focusing on energy, technology and the spatial environment

  • Future developments in, and application of, new technologies and fuels in transport systems
  • “Green” transport alternatives and policy as a driver to change
  •  Sustainable transport solutions and integrated planning for inclusive rural transport systems

For each of the above themes the Centre applies an inter-disciplinary approach, drawing on expertise from areas such as geography, psychology, sociology, economics, computing science and engineering.