The Centre was established to advance both academic and industrial research and development, and importantly to facilitate effective communication and cooperation between the two in all areas relating to the science and technologies that underpin sustainable, innovative building materials and technologies.


Members of the centre between them possess the expertise and experience that are needed to address many of today's most pressing problems and challenges. An important part of our mandate is to advise and provide consultancy services, through the University's Research and Innovation office, to government departments, local authorities, charitable bodies, the construction industry and industry at large.


Examples of the research and development activities that members of the centre have undertaken in the past in include:


  • Study and development of novel, low energy, low carbon building and construction materials, technologies, systems and products that are safe, sustainable and affordable.
  • Development and application of empirical data, theory and computer-based modelling methods and assessment tools to aid our scientific understanding of the above.
  • Identification and quantification of the economic, environmental, health and regulatory issues that relate to the practical application and uses of the above.
  • Translation and development of scientific knowledge and know-how in design into design tools to inform and enable building professionals.
  • Advising industry associations, regulatory bodies and government departments on emerging and future trends in sustainable building and construction.

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