New OGIC collaborative research project between UoA and Varel has started

New OGIC collaborative research project between UoA and Varel has started

The project which has been launched on July 1st, 2017 is on developing calibrated models of bit-rock interaction with perspective of developing a new technology for hybrid drill-bits under supervision of Professor Marian Wiercigroch.

This project aims to gain better understanding of the mechanics of force generation and its relationship with the drilling parameters and ultimately to improve the PDC bits. The plan is to develop bit-rock interaction models of single cutter/blade PDC at variable depths of cut. These models will be calibrated and validated by extensive experimental tests. These models are vital for design of a new technology, Varel hybrid drill bit with cutting structure combining shearing and gouging action suited for much greater longevity and efficiency for chert and fractured granite reservoirs.

Describibg the project, Jason Marchant, Varel UK District Manager North Sea, said to OGIC: “There is a need to develop a new faster, cheaper way of drilling new offshore frontier fields that contain sections with chert or fractured granite/ conglomerates.

“The current methods with fixed cutter bits usually lead to uncontrolled energy distribution in these rock types leading to multiple and slow bit runs, or risks of roller cone bit bearing failures and lost time fishing cones.

“Together with OGIC and the University of Aberdeen, we’ve been examining a new concept that will ultimately result in the creation of a new hybrid drill bit with duel cutting mechanisms that will help overcome the challenges and result in a much more efficient and economical drilling process.”

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