Student Societies

Student Societies

Student Societies are a great way to meet students with similar interests, especially when you first arrive on campus. While clubs are generally organised around different sports, Societies can range from academic, cultural, performance based or social or political interests.

Getting involved in running a student society also provides a number of opportunities to enhance your transferable skills, such as organisation and time management. You can also expand your professional network, especially through societies that involve academic staff or external industry professionals.

Not only that, but student societies often arrange special discounts and offers for members with local businesses, including clubs, bars and cafés, so you can also save some money.

Engineering-related Societies

There are a number of societies directly related to engineering, where you can meet fellow engineering students and develop your interests and new skills, including:

Find out more

The first step is the find out what clubs and societies are active on campus at Aberdeen. Check out the Aberdeen University Student’s Association website, which lists all of our 150 societies, along with contact details. You can also go along in person to and meet with representative of the different clubs and societies and sing up for those you’re interested in at fayre, which take place during the first week of term in September.  If you miss the fayre however, don’t worry, you can join at any time of the year. If you can’t find a society from the 150 on offer that matches your interests, then you can actually apply to set up your own society!