'Steppin Steens o Knowledge': Folklore, Ethnology, and Ethnomusicology Conference, Aberdeen (FEECA)

4–6 July 2014

Byron Dueck giving keynote addressFEECA was organized to answer the need for an academic forum for postgraduate research students and early-career researchers and to strengthen relations between relevant scholars and institutions in the UK and elsewhere.

‘Steppin Steens o Knowledge’ (Stepping Stones of Knowledge) refers to a life philosophy of the late Stanley Robertson, a Traveller and former research associate at the Elphinstone Institute. Drawn from the incremental nature of Stanley’s ballad and storytelling traditions, the concept encapsulates both the initial career steps being taken by conference-goers, as well as the new ‘steppin steens’ being created through each participant’s research.

FEECA Conference Excursion, Dunnottar CastleThe conference was a great success, demonstrating that strong research in Folklore, Ethnology, and Ethnomusicology is being conducted around the world. Indeed, the conference attracted delegates from Europe, Australia, North America, and South Asia.

See the conference programme here.


The conference was made possible thanks to the generous support of the University of Aberdeen Development Trust, the School of Education, and the Friends of the Elphinstone Institute.