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Selected PhD Dissertations

  • Dr Pat Ballantyne (2016), Regulation and Reaction: The Development of Scottish Traditional Dance with Particular Reference to Aberdeenshire, from 1805 to the Present Day
  • Dr Jennifer Lynn Fagen (2013), The Fowk an the Lan, the Land an the fowk': Community Identity and the Landscape Heritage of Bennachie
  • Dr Irene Watt (2012), An Ethnological Study of the Text, Performance, and Function of Lullabies
  • Dr Fiona-Jane Brown (2010), Faith, Fear, and Folk Narrative: Belief and Identity in Scottish Fishing Communities
  • Dr Adam Grydehøj (2009), Historiography of Picts, Vikings, Scots, and Fairies and Its Influence on Shetland's Twenty-First Century Economic Development
  • Dr Frances Wilkins (2009), Old Ship of Zion: Singing in Evangelicalism in North-East and Northern Isles Scottish Coastal Communities 1859-2009

Selected MLitt Res Dissertations

  • Richard Bennett (2013), Aspects of the Culture of the Whisky Industry in the North-East of Scotland: A Study of Cultural Change in Speyside Distillery Communities in the Post-War Period, 1946 to the Present Day
  • Janet M. Byth (2013), Fintry, a Rural Aberdeenshire School: 180 Years in its Community

Selected MLitt Dissertations

  • Catriona Moore (2016), Boundless Hospitality: A Study of Nigerian Foodways in Aberdeen
  • Ian Kinnear (2015), The Curry Celidh: A Window on the Indian Community in the Highlands of Scotland
  • Christine Kydd (2014), The Boys' Ploughing Match and Festival of the Horse: An Ethnographical Study of Form, Meaning and Function
  • Jessica Doble (2014), The Legacy of Stanley Robertson in North-East of Scotland Storytelling
  • Catherine Somerville (2014), Donald MacDonald, Founder of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games: His Life and Interpretation of Scottish-American Identity
  • Thitiphat Jaroonchaikuljaroen (2014), Jack and His Storytellers: An Analaysis of the Jack Tales, Their Defining Elements and the Thematic Sanitisation that Has Shaped Them
  • Athanasios Barmpalexis (2014), Pagan Paths: Druidry and Shamanism in Modern Scotland
  • Hazel MacFarlane (2013), A Sense of Community: Staying Connected in Retirement
  • Natalie Brown (2013), Traditional Music Education Today: A Research Project in North-East Scotland
  • Wibke Reimer (2013), Experiencing the Extraordinary: Encounters with the Supernatural Collected in and Around Aberdeen
  • Elizabeth Campbell (2013), The Agricultural Mart: Its Place in Rural Culture Today?
  • James Johnson (2013), Stanley Robertson: A Case Study of a Traveller's Supernatural Abilities and Experiences
  • Carley Williams (2011), Scottish Traditional Arts and the Cultural Commission: An Examination of the role of Traditional Arts in Scotland's Cultural Strategies from 1999–2011
  • Nicolas Le Bigre (2011), Polish Immigrant Narratives of the North-East of Scotland
  • Dan Melnick (2008), Scotch Whisky: Mythos and Phenomena
  • J. T. Winogrond (2008), The Disappearance of Rural Family Landscape: Reminiscence of Commonty in Northern Scotland
  • Norman MacKenzie (2007), Madame Isabel Murray, 1883-1972: 'She Taught Aberdeen Generations to Dance'
  • Iain Stewart (2006), 'Nae Dainty Steps': A Folklorist's Ethnological Observations on 'Strip The Willow' in Scotland
  • Jen-Hao Cheng (2005), Sacred Singing: A Cross-Cultural comparison of Gaelic Psalm Singing in Lewis and the Unaccompanied Sacred Songs of the Formosan Aboriginal Bunnun Tribe
  • Sara Reith (2005), Alex Green, North-East Whistle Player: His Music and Identity
  • Shirley Ann Watson (2005), The Evolution of Culloden Battlefield to Heritage Icon and the Changing Attitudes Towards It