• Athanasios (Sakis) Barmpalexis
    Shamanism in Scotland
  • Kristin Borgehed
    Traditional Singing: Timbre, Tonality, Intonation, and Embodiment
  • Mary Cane
    The Grandmother Experience in Family Life Today
  • Les Donaldson
    Seven Incorporated Trades
  • Ronnie Gibson
    Aspects of Historical Performance Retained in the Transmission of Scottish Fiddle Music
  • Lauren Hossack
    Literature, Heritage and the Making of Scottish Communities
  • Nicolas Le Bigre
    Immigrant-Experience Narrative in North-East Scotland
  • Hazel Macfarlane
    Retirement and Volunteering in Museum Contexts
  • Claire Needler
    Scots Language Bilingualism in Schools
  • Máire Ní Bhaoill
    Pedagogy of Children's Song
  • Lorna Summers
    Boatbuilding on the Moray Coast
  • Carley Williams
    Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in Scotland: Recommendations for Next Steps
  • Chris Wright
    The Role of Traditional Arts in Place-Based Education