What is the Chaplaincy?


The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy is pretty hard to summarise!

There's such a variety of things that go on here, but we'll try and cover most aspects.

Care and Support

Firstly, the Multi-faith Chaplaincy is here to support students and staff in any way we can. Whether that's by providing you with some coffee or by having a one on one chat. We're not just here for Christians, which is a common misconception. We're here for everyone regardless of whether they have a faith or not, for all genders, races, religions.

Space for Social and Spiritual Events

The Multi-faith Chaplaincy (25 High Street) is a place of welcome for people of all faiths and no faith. The Chaplaincy serves as a spiritual and social centre for students and staff. We offer space for groups to meet, worship, share meals, discuss and build bridges with the rest of the community. Please contact Wendy Booth to book our facilities, email: w.booth@abdn.ac.uk.

Hospital Visits

If you or someone you know in the University community is in hospital, please tell us! We are glad to visit. Being in hospital can be a vulnerable time and we do not want anyone to feel neglected. The role of the Chaplains is to offer care to any member of the University community: staff or students. We rely on you to help us to care. As with any concern, appropriate confidentiality is maintained.

And much more....

(Here are some examples)
  • Worship in King's College Chapel
  • Confidential Support
  • Visits to the sick
  • Walks in the country
  • The Hillhead Cafe
  • Provide a Listening Ear
  • Wedding Information
  • Dialogues and Discussions
  • Make rooms available for student usage
  • Run Book Groups
  • Provide Religious Contacts and Faith Information
  • Chaplaincy at Foresterhill