About the Chaplaincy

About the Chaplaincy

Firstly, the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy is here to support students and staff in any way we can. Whether that's by providing you with some coffee or by having a one on one chat. We're not just here for Christians, which is a common misconception. We're here for everyone regardless of whether they have a faith or not, for all genders, races, religions.

The Chaplaincy serves as a spiritual and social centre for students and staff, and offers space for groups to meet, worship, share meals, discuss and build bridges with the rest of the community.

If you or someone you know in the University community is in hospital, please tell us! We are glad to visit. Being in hospital can be a vulnerable time and we do not want anyone to feel neglected. The role of the Chaplains is to offer care to any member of the University community: staff or students. We rely on you to help us to care. As with any concern, appropriate confidentiality is maintained.

Chaplaincy Team

The following people are all at your disposal should the need arise. Drop in anytime for coffee, tea, or a chat - we'll do our best to help you out where possible.

Rev Marylee Anderson

Chaplain to the University

Rev Marylee Anderson

Email: m.anderson@abdn.ac.uk

Tel: 01224 272137

Mrs Gillian Cursiter

 Administration Co-ordinator

Mrs Gillian Cursiter

Email: g.cursiter@abdn.ac.uk

Tel: 01224 272137

 Mr Stuart Muir

Director of Chapel & Ceremonial Music

Mr Stuart Muir

Email: stuart.muir@abdn.ac.uk

Tel: 01224 273922


Denominational Chaplains and Faith Representatives

You can make an appointment to speak to Rev Marylee Anderson, Chaplain to the University..

If you would like to contact someone specifically from your own faith, our Honorary Chaplains are available from many different faiths. You can find a list of them below. We can contact someone from your own practice or faith for you or give you directions and contact details for different faith groups and churches.

If you do not see your faith represented here, please let us know as we hold details of many more churches and faiths in Aberdeen. There are also many active Faith Societies at the University, which you can find in the panel below. You can also search for active Faith Societies through AUSA.

Chaplain to the University

Honorary Chaplains and Faith Representatives

 Rev Gary Smith

Rev Gary Smith

Sujan Bhante Buddhist
Sujan Bhante

Church of Scotland
Rev Sarah Brown

Eliran Shabo

Ayalah Shapira-Shabo

 Rev Dr James Garnett Methodist 

Rev Dr James Garnett
 Imam Ibrahim Alwawi Muslim
Imam Ibrahim Alwawi
 Nicolle Sturdevant Pagan
Nicolle Sturdevant
 Dr Martin Barker Quaker
Dr Martin Barker
 Sr Claire Theophane Roman Catholic
Sr Claire Theophane
 Fr Emmet O’Dowd Roman Catholic

Fr Emmet O’Dowd

 Rev Dr Duncan Heddle Scottish Episcopal (Anglican)
Rev Dr Duncan Heddle
Sha'yo Lai

Shamanism, a Nature-based Spirituality
 Sha’yo Lai
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Inter Faith Societies

There are many faith societies based at the University. Here are a few listed below.

Baha’i Society

Believers Love World (BLW)

Buddhist Society

Catholic Society

Christian Orthodox Society

Christian Union

Aberdeen Jewish Society

Muslim Student Association 

Aberdeen Sikh Sangat 

Aberdeen Hindu Association

Aberdeen Interfaith Group