Educational Psychology

Prospects Profile: Educational Psychologist

Detailed information on a specific job role from the Prospects website. Information is available on the activities of the role, salary, conditions, entry requirements, training, career development, typical employers/vacancy sources, case studies, contacts and resources.

So you think you might want to be an Educational Psychologist?

Slides from a presentation by Heather Gorton (City of Edinburgh Psychological Services) on working in Education Psychology. The slides have been made available with the kind permission of the University of Edinburgh Careers Service.

Educational Psychology (AGCAS Scotland)

Slides from a presentation given by Beth Hannah (Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology) and Isabel Martland (Trainee Educational Psychologist) on working in Educational Psychology in Scotland. The slides contain advice on what the role of an Educational Psychologist involves, training requirements and application procedures.

Educational Psychology (British Psychological Society)

This website explains what Educational Psychologists do and provides information on training and sources of vacancies.