CEO & Mentor

CEO & Mentor

Martin Grinberg 

MBA, 2002
From Aberdeen to CEO & Mentor

Your Time at Aberdeen

Why did you choose to study at Aberdeen?
I selected the University of Aberdeen to immerse myself in an international setting and the University aims across borders to receive people from all over the world. Exchanging knowledge with students and teachers from all nations pushes you to think beyond.  Additionally, my willingness to pursue education at a prestigious institution, and explore my keen interest in the dynamic fields of the renewable energy, oil and gas business. Finally the beautiful allure of an attractive campus environment further enhances the academic journey.

Why did you choose your particular course?
I had previously graduated with an Engineering degree and the offerings at Aberdeen University complimented just that.

What did you most enjoy about your time at Aberdeen? Did you have any particularly memorable student experiences?
Personally, I find active interactions within the University environment important for self-improvement and learning.  During my time at the University, I had the chance to engage in student communities such as being part of the University staff football team. Today I am still involved in the community environment of Aberdeen as a mentor and proud alumnus. Outside of university life, travelling around Scotland and exploring the beautiful surroundings outside of campus brings back good memories.

If you were involved in any clubs and societies as a student, what did you enjoy most about them and what benefit do you think they have for students?
Football team staff. Being part of a club or society gives students a sense of community. 

If talking to a group of prospective students, what advice would you give them to help them make the most of their time at the University of Aberdeen?
My advice to current and future students would be to fully take advantage of all that the University has to offer. Explore different ways on how you can expand your horizons, whether this is through participating in activities or joining a community of your liking. Have interest in your co-students, travel around Scotland and stay in touch with the University as the relationship with the staff continues after graduation.

You had a mentor while at University. How did they help you?
I was a mentee of one of the Aberdeen professors. At a time when no one was talking about remote working, this professor was already envisioning work-life balance and working from France. This helped me to envision and later develop my skills to manage remote teams.

Your Time After Aberdeen

What was the title of your first job after graduating from Aberdeen?
While at university and due to the contact with my classmates from China, I set up an international trade company and in parallel got my first job outside of Argentina as Regional Sales Director based out of Manchester - Markets: Electric Power, Transportation and Defense.

What did your first role involve?
Looking after the international markets for a technology company. Travelling around Iberia and setting up channels for the company.

Who was your first employer?
Westek then General Dynamics then Siemens.

What is your current job title?
CEO and Founder of Digital Smart Group and Vanguard Software Factory.

What is your current role?
As a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), my role is pivotal in steering the success of the company. I provide leadership, set the strategic direction, and make critical decisions to propel the organisation's growth. Effective communication, team building, financial oversight, and stakeholder management fall under my responsibilities. Fostering innovation, monitoring performance, managing risks, and representing the company publicly are also crucial aspects of my dynamic role.

What's your current location?
Barcelona, Spain.

Please briefly describe the journey from your first job after graduating to where you are now.
Transitioning from a diverse range of sales roles to managerial positions marked a significant phase in my career journey. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant international community at the University of Aberdeen, I cultivated an entrepreneurial mindset that eventually led me to establish my first company. During my tenure at Aberdeen, the exposure to diverse perspectives and innovative ideas within the international community served as a catalyst for my shift towards entrepreneurship. The dynamic environment fostered creativity and instilled in me the confidence to venture into new territories. The decision to found my first company was a natural progression, fueled by a desire to channel my experiences and insights gained from various sales and managerial roles. This entrepreneurial leap allowed me to apply a holistic approach to business, integrating the skills acquired throughout my professional journey.

Was your degree at Aberdeen essential for getting to where you are now? If so, in what way?
My academic achievement from Aberdeen University provided me with valuable insights into Business Administration together with my engineering and technology background gives a unit business perspective. This unique blend of expertise has played a pivotal role in my journey, ultimately culminating in the establishment of my own successful ventures.

Are you still involved with the University?
Since graduating I have become an active university ambassador and mentor and I also attend alumni relation events.

One Top Tip

Work with passion and success will follow. Do not rush into achievement but take your steps carefully and with thought, this brings you to your goals. Appreciate help and guidance along the way as together more can be achieved.