Medical Class Reunion Gift (1958-1964)

A 'Thank You' Letter to the Medical Class of 1964

"Dear Colleagues,

I just wanted to express my personal thanks for your generosity in supporting the purchase of two pumps for teaching medical students in the Suttie Clinical Skills Centre. Learning how to use this type of equipment is so crucial for students now. The funds will allow us to buy a pump suitable for the administration of drug infusions and also a pump suitable for IV fluid administration.

Suttie centre donationThe students are first taught how to use such equipment generally in Year 3 of the course to prepare them for being based almost full time in clinical areas for the rest of the course. We try to teach them how and when to use such equipment, how to troubleshoot problems and also crucially to anticipate the pitfalls and errors of both fluid and drug administration. Later in the course when they return for more complex simulation teaching where they are assessing and managing acutely ill patients (or simulators) they use the pumps again.

We are also very pleased that the donation is one more way that we remember Professor Jim Petrie and makes students aware of his important contribution to healthcare. I am sure that he would approve of the choice we have made in spending your generous donation.

Best wishes,

Professor Rona Patey
Head of Division of Medical and Dental Education
University of Aberdeen"