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Volunteer with us and help current and prospective students and other alumni

Network Ambassador

Maintain and build lasting relationships around the world in a formal or informal capacity.

More information about the associations, chapters and networks that already exist can be found here:

Alumni Groups

Alumni groups are less formal than Chapters as there is no minimum number or charter required.

Members of the group act as a point of contact in their country for alumni, students and University staff. They can also be asked to give advice about the local area and organise gatherings.


Alumni chapters are networking groups that provide a forum for alumni to connect with each other and engage with the University on a social or professional basis.

Members of a chapter are responsible for maintaining contact with alumni and current students, organising social gatherings, and promoting the University of Aberdeen in the chapter’s area.

A formal charter and a minimum number of members are required to set up a chapter.


Reunions are a great way to meet up with old friends, to reminisce about your days at the University or to develop useful networks with fellow alumni.

How to organise a class reunion

How to organise your class reunion handbook coverA reunion can be based around class anniversaries, club and society memberships, room mates from halls or just a specially selected group of friends.

Organising a reunion can also be a very fun and useful experience for you. If you wish to organise a reunion, we can assist you with the planning and our reunion handbook will help you with every step of the process.

Scott McCulloch‘With the help of the Alumni Relations Team, I established the University of Aberdeen Alumni Network in Belgium. I was surprised by the age-range and it has been fun to reminisce with fellow alumni about the time we spent in Aberdeen. Gaining an insight into how the city and the campus have changed over the years is fascinating. We hold events in Brussels with the reward of making new friends and learning more about Brussels and Belgium as a whole. If you get a chance to visit us, you should.’

Scott McCulloch, Belgium Alumni Network Ambassador


Ifeanyi Enebeli‘Volunteering for the University of Aberdeen is a way of giving back to the University, which without a doubt has impacted on me positively. In addition, volunteering also gives me the opportunity to provide support, advice and guidance to prospective students, an opportunity we lacked when we arrived in Aberdeen for our studies. Lastly, I see volunteering as a means of networking, meeting new people, sharing business ideas and generally improving one’s knowledge and experience.’

Ifeanyi Enebeli, Lagos Chapter Ambassador

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