Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer (Cancer of the Cervix) is the most common cancer in women under 35 year old in the UK

  • The 4th most common cancer in all women worldwide but 2nd commonest cause of cancer deaths
  • Cervical Cancer has long been recognised as a preventable cause of death with organised population based screening

High risk human papillomavirus (HPV) is necessary for the development of cervical cancer

  • HPV is a common infection with over 150 different types
  • High risk HPV is necessary for the development of cervical and other cancers including vagina, vulva and anal
  • High risk HPV detection is a very sensitive method of screening but lacks specificity. Additional markers may improve the effectiveness of screening.

The University of Aberdeen both leads and collaborates on National research programmes aimed at the prevention of cervical cancer through HPV vaccination and optimal uptake of cervical screening.