Rowett Seminar

Rowett Seminar

This is a past event

Doctor Daniel Martin, Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln, will present his talk titled Nutritional considerations for female athletes and exercisers.

Doctor Daniel Martin is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln and completed his PhD exploring the effects of reproductive hormones and energy availability on muscle function, cognition and bone metabolism. Current research interests include studying the effect of different reproductive hormone models on physiological function, the performance and health impacts of low energy availability, and female-specific considerations for nutrition and health.


The talk:

Female athletes and exercisers may have specific nutritional considerations, yet research in this field has predominately been conducted in men. Women are more likely to restrict energy intake and/or exercise excessively, resulting in a limited amount of energy available for normal physiological function, which can impact multiple physiological systems and negatively impact performance and health. Furthermore, many women experience severe symptoms related to their menstrual health (e.g., dysmenorrhea) and, whilst the quality of existing research is poor, nutritional interventions could be a possible solution to help to manage these symptoms. The talk will provide a summary of research in this area and highlight the areas of research which have the greatest need for further development.

Dr Daniel Martin
Hosted by
Dr Brendan Gabriel
Institute of Medical Sciences

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