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  • Bone density changes for 4 total hip prostheses: early DXA results from a randomised trial

    Wilkinson, S. J., Downing, M., Ashcroft, G. P., Gibson, P. H., Hukins, D. W. L., Reid, D. M.

    Rheumatology, vol. 40, pp. 94-94

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  • Comparative RSA migration patterns of 4 hip prosthesis: early results of a randomised trial

    Downing, M. R., Ashcroft, G. P., Gibson, P. H., Reid, D. M., Hukins, D. W. L.

    Rheumatology, vol. 40, no. Issue suppl_1, pp. 103-103

    Contributions to Journals: Abstracts

  • Human periosteum-derived cells maintain phenotypic stability and chondrogenic potential throughout expansion regardless of donor age

    De Bari, C., Dell'Accio, F., Luyten, F. P.

    Arthritis & Rheumatism, vol. 44, no. 1, pp. 85-95

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  • A COL1A1 Sp1 binding site polymorphism predisposes to osteoporotic fracture by affecting bone density and quality

    Mann, V., Hobson, E. E., Stewart, T. L., Aspden, R. M., Ralston, S., Li, B., Grant, S. F., Robins, S. P.

    The Journal of Clinical Investigation, vol. 107, no. 7, pp. 899-907

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  • A case report using Kirschner wires to facilitate closed reduction of a fracture dislocation of the elbow

    Patton, M. S., Ashcroft, G. P.

    Injury, vol. 32, no. 5, pp. 427-9

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  • Associations between adverse events in childhood and chronic widespread pain in adulthood: are they explained by differential recall?

    McBeth, J., Morris, S., Benjamin, S., Silman, A. J., MacFarlane, G. J.

    Journal of Rheumatology, vol. 28, pp. 2305-2309

    Contributions to Journals: Editorials

  • Born again bone: tissue engineering for bone repair

    Braddock, M., Houston, P., Campbell, C., Ashcroft, G. P.

    News in physiological sciences : an international journal of physiology produced jointly by the International Union of Physiological Sciences and the American Physiological Society, vol. 16, pp. 208-13

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  • Distraction lengthening of the radius for radial longitudinal instability after distal radio-ulnar subluxation and excision of the radial head: a case report

    Capuano, L., Craig, N., Ashcroft, G. P., Maffulli, N.

    Scandinavian Journal of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery & Hand Surgery, vol. 35, no. 3, pp. 331-335

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