Research in the Aberdeen Centre for Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Health is aimed at better understanding the causes and risk factors for arthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders (AMDs), in order to improve the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of these debilitating conditions. To work towards these goals, clinical and non-clinical scientists at the University of Aberdeen are working together with clinical colleagues in NHS Grampian using a strong multidisciplinary approach.

Our innovative, interdisciplinary research spans a wide range of activities, from discovery science to understand the causes of arthritis, translational preclinical research to develop new treatment strategies, development of novel imaging technologies to improve diagnosis and treatment, clinical and population studies to understand risk factors and population perspectives, to randomised controlled clinical trials to determine efficacy of new treatment paradigms.

The Centre includes research groups across the Foresterhill Health Campus, which are embedded within a vibrant research community with interdisciplinary collaborations in areas such as development, immunology, and metabolic health. Find out more about the research teams via the links below.