Fairtrade at the University

Fairtrade at the University

Fairtrade Group

The University of Aberdeen and the University of Aberdeen Students' Association (AUSA) were awarded Fairtrade status in April 2007 following active campaigns co-ordinated by the Fairtrade Steering Group, now known as the Fairtrade and Sustainable Procurement Steering Group.

Our Fairtrade status has been renewed every two years since. We thank everyone who has been involved over the years for their valued contribution.

"Achieving Fairtrade status further underlines the University of Aberdeen's commitment to recognising and helping promote cultural and social awareness amongst its students, staff and visitors"

University Management Gr

Since its initial development the group has seen a number of members come and go, but is currently represented by the following staff and students:

  • Calum Maclachlan - Head of Commercial and Catering Services, Campus Services (Convener)
  • Fraser Lovie - Policy Adviser, Estates (Member)
    Our commitment to Fairtrade is part of a wider commitments to social justice and ethical purchasing. By promoting Fairtrade at the University we have played our part in helping the Scottish Fair Trade Forum achieve Fair Trade nation status for Scotland (in 2013) and have worked with other Universities, Colleges and Schools to help them achieve Fairtrade status. My favourite Fairtrade product on campus is coffee in a reusable mug (all those 10p savings add up)!
  • Helane Gannicliffe - Procurement (Member)
  • Professor Geraldine McNeill - Emeritus Professor in Applied Health Sciences (Member)
  • Sue Good - Aberdeen Fairtrade Steering Group (External Member)
    Having worked for the local fair trade shop, the Third World Centre and also co-ordinated the Aberdeen City Fairtrade campaign, I sit on the steering group to provide the link between town and gown. I'd be hard pushed to say what my favourite Fairtrade product is, but I can recommend the wine, the roses and the honey.
  • Laura Cristea - Representative from the AUSA [Environment and Ethics President] (Student Member)
  • Karen Fraser - Campus Services (Clerk)

The University's Fairtrade Policy is available in the institutional Policy Zone (search Fairtrade)

The University's Fairtrade certificate

The AUSA Fairtrade Policy