Why go abroad?

Why go abroad?

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There are many reasons to consider an international experience during your studies:

Personal reasons

So what makes these international experiences so important and life-changing?

They provide an opportunity to

  • broaden your horizons
  • make new friends 
    "Since Erasmus, I have visited friends in Belgium, Paris, and Barcelona. I never thought a year in Norway would lead to trips across Europe, with friends for life."
    Tina Bennett, Psychology, University of Bergen
  • get to know a new culture
  • redefine yourself
  • grow in confidence
Academic reasons

Time abroad is an opportunity to 

  • learn a language

"Being in an environment where I could interact with native speakers and use the language every day helped me not only refine my skills but also gain confidence to use it for more complex topics as well."
Flavio Spadavecchia, International Relations & Linguistics, Akita University

  • get a new perspective on your studies
  • discover new ways of learning

"I had a considerable number of oral presentations compared to Aberdeen University which meant no essays! It has incredibly enhanced my communication skills."
Ilma Mozuraityte, Law & European Legal Studies, Vienna University of Economics & Business

  • fall in love with your subject
  • try something new

"I took a practical class in ceramics which really enhanced my creativity; I learnt how to make something beautiful out of nothing, a skill I employ whenever I have to write essays now!"

Andrea Hernandez, English with Creative Writing, Pitzer College

Professional reasons