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If you are keen to enhance your studies at University of Aberdeen with some time abroad, but a full semester or year-long exchange or traineeship doesn't suit your circumstances, then you may wish to consider a summer school.  Many universities worldwide offer short summer programmes, allowing you to gain an international experience and enrich your CV. 

Who would this option suit?

  • All students are eligible to take part in a summer school but these opportunities may be of particular relevance to students on degree programmes without the flexibility to allow a longer period studying abroad e.g. Medicine, one-year Master programmes.
  • Students facing external constraints, be those financial or practical, for whom a longer period abroad is not possible e.g. those reliant on part-time employment, those with caring duties.

Eligibility criteria

  • Undergraduate/Graduate opportunities available – check details for your summer school of choice.
  • Some summer schools will be subject-specific, others are based around a topic, research question or current issue and others will have an interdisciplinary offering – check details for your summer school of choice. 

Important points to note

How to search

You can conduct your own search for suitable summer schools.  There are some useful platforms which collate and advertise these opportunities, such as  We will post opportunities for Summer 2021 below as they are sent to us by partner universities and contacts.

We recommend that you check the level of study and tuition fee information carefully.


University of Western Australia Summer Down Under Research Internship (online)

This eight-week Research Internship program consists of both coursework and research, providing an opportunity for high-performing students, who are considering a postgraduate degree, to get an insider's look at UWA’s research specialities, meet and work with a potential future supervisor and experience the richness of Australian culture. 

  • Duration - 05 July-27 Aug 2021

  • Deadline - 31 May 2021

  • Tuition fees - AUD$3000 

Find out more here for more information on subject areas, how to apply etc.

Research Skills Fundamentals (RSF)

If you would like to enhance your research skills but are not able to commit to eight weeks, the RSF is a three week coursework only unit. Students can apply to this three week programme directly from the website. 

  • Duration - 05 July - 23 July 2021

  • Deadline - 21 June 2021

  • Cost - $495

Find out more here

Apply here


Universität Wien Summer School - Lake Wolfgang, Austria

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  • Duration - 17 July to14 August 2021
  • Subject area/s - European Studies (Law, Politics, Economics, History, Cultural Studies and German)
  • Level - UG
  • Tuition Fee - €2010, limited scholarships are available, more information here
  • Accommodation - on a full board basis, at additional cost of €1849 (single room) or €1555 (shared room)
  • Deadline - 30 April 2021


International Summer University WU Vienna

More information here

  • Duration - 5 July to 23 July 2021 and 26 July to 13 August 2021 (on campus)
  • Subject areas - International business; International Marketing
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Tuition fee - may be waived for nominated students please email before 10 March 2021 to register interest, programme fee still to be paid €650; non-exchange €1,100
  • Accommodation - not included - see website for further information
  • Deadline - 10 March 2021 for exchange nominations

Online version  

  • Duration - July 2021
  • Subject - Vienna Summer School of Responsible Entrepreneurship (UG); Internationalisation Strategy and data science (UG); Supply Chain management (PG)
  • Fees - see website, varies according to option 
  • Deadline - as above, if you wish to be nominated please email before 10 March 2021; other options deadline is 31 March 2021.

Click here to apply 


Graz International Summer School Seggau (online)

Stability, Security and Happiness: State - Society - Religion

  • Duration - 4 July-10 July 2021
  • Subject - International Affairs; Politics
  • Remote Participation Fee - €10 - covers course costs for the week
  • Deadline - 31 March 2021

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2021 Summer School information coming soon




Are you an excellent student interested in developing your research expertise with top professors in Canada?
Mitacs's Globalink Research Internship, in partnership with Universities UK International (UUKi), gives undergraduates in their penultimate year an opportunity to complete a fully-funded 12-week summer research internship in a variety of academic disciplines from science, engineering, and mathematics to the humanities and social sciences.
Successful applicants will complete an internship under the supervision of a professor at one of 70 participating Canadian universities.

  • Level - UG 
  • Subject areas - Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • Duration - 12 consecutive weeks between May 2022 and October 2022
  • Tuition Fees - Scholarship funded, including airfare, airport transfers, health insurance, plus stipends for housing, food, enrollment fees and incidentals.
  • Deadline - students must register their interest with the Go Abroad team before 12 August 2021 to be nominated for this programme in 2022.

Find out more


For summer 2021

Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria, BC

ISIBM International Summer Institute for Business Management (online)

  • Level - UG 
  • Subject areas - Business - two modules - Business Communication & Business Management
  • Duration - 5 July-27 July 2021
  • Tuition Fees - CAD 3,937.50 
  • Deadline - 18 June 2021

SGBS - Summer Graduate Business School (online)

  • Level - PG
  • Subject Area - Business - three modules - Cross-Cultural Management; Global Strategy; Social Entrepreneurship
  • Duration - June 21-July 20 2021
  • Tuition fees - CAD 4,725 or CAD 1,575 per module
  • Deadline - 4 June 2021

More information here 



Universidad de los Andes - not available 2021

Partner university, discounted tuition fees may be available

This July, we will be offering three updated versions of our most popular GO programs that focus on environmental, economic, and social cooperation and its regional and global impact on our world, including our newest program Global Challenges which also highlights the historic social movement occurring in Chile and its link with these key aspects of international cooperation.

  • Level - undergraduate/graduate
  • Subject area - Environment & Sustainable Development Challenges, International Economic Cooperation between Latin America and the Asia Pacific, Global Challenges Program
  • Duration - 1st July - 17th July 2020
  • Tuition fee - $600-2,100 USD
  • Accommodation - not provided, participants are responsible for making their own arrangements, estimated $830 USD
  • Application deadline - 1st May 2020

Click here to apply


Fudan University (online only)

Fudan international summer session

The programme will help you achieve multicultural understanding, establish a global vision and get connected with peers from all over the world. 

  • Duration - 12 July - 06 August 2021 (online)
  • Subject areas - courses in History and Culture; Society and Politics; Business & Economy; Science and Technology and Law.
  • Level - UG
  • Fees - CNY 400 application fee plus CNY 15,180 tuition fee
  • Deadline - 15 June 2021


Fudan Summer Camp on Chinese Economy and Society

The Summer Camp on Chinese Economy and Society is a 2-week international summer program hosted by the School of Economics, Fudan University. The program is tailored for applicants with ALL academic backgrounds who wish to acquire a deep and comprehensive knowledge of China within a short period, especially in the fields of China's economy, finance, business, society and culture. 

  • Duration - 12 July - 24 July 2021 (online)
  • Subject areas - Business and economics
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Fees - Application fee CNY 400, CNY 15,000 tuition fee 
  • Deadline - 27 June 2021

Click here to apply


International Summer University Programme (ISUP), Copenhagen Business School

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  • Duration - 22 June to 23 July 2021 (22 June to 8 July 2021 for short courses)
  • Subject area/s - more than 40 exciting courses ranging from classic business courses to more diverse, innovative and entrepreneurial courses; all courses will be taught online if on-campus is not possible by summer 2021
  • Level - UG/PG
  • Tuition fee - £0 for students of partner universities, if places available on our Erasmus agreement.  Please email to confirm and be nominated
  • Accommodation - provided, costs to be met by student
  • Deadline -  application round open 18 February - 16 March 2021


Aarhus University Summer University

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  • Duration - 5 to 23 July 2021 or 26 July to13 August 2021
  • Subject area/s - 32 courses being offered on-campus (if circumstances allow); 72 courses available online. Full list here.
  • Level - UG/PG
  • Tuition fee - £0 for students of partner universities, if places available on our Erasmus agreement. Please email to confirm and be nominated
  • Accommodation - provided, costs to be met by student
  • Deadline - 5 April 2021



Tallinn Summer School

Click here to apply

  • Duration - 12 to 30 July 2021
  • Subject area/s - language courses; creative courses; design and engineering; humanities and social sciences.  Full list here.
  • Level - UG/PG
  • Tuition Fee - varying fees per course, see here
  • Accommodation - shared accommodation provided, costs to be met by student

University of Jyväskylä, International Summer School in Human Sciences (online only)

Partner University, discounted fees may be available, limited spaces

  • Duration - 24 May to 11 June 2021
  • Subject area/s - interdisciplinary courses in culture studies, education, social sciences, psychology, communication, sport and health sciences, business and marketing.
  • Level - UG/PG
  • Tuition fee -  £0, for students of partner universities
  • Deadline -  18 March 2021, however, please note students must be nominated by emailing

Further information here

Turku Åbo Summer School

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  • Duration - 6 to 20 August 2021
  • Subject area/s - various, see full list here
  • Level - UG/PG
  • Tuition fee - varying fees per course
  • Accommodation - to be sourced independently and costs to be met by student.
  • Deadline - 12 April 2021

Aalto University Summer School 

More Information here

  • Duration - three months across summer period
  • Subject areas - IT, Business, Climate Change, Nordic Biomaterials, carbon-neutral construction (more information via link)
  • Level - UG 
  • Tuition Fees - €1400 additional fees for on campus classes, discounted fees may be available.
  • Deadline - rolling admissions - apply as soon as possible




Bordeaux Summer Schools - University of Bordeaux - online only

Bordeaux summer school information here 

  • Duration - various dates, late May to September
  • Subject area/s - ten disciplinary themes to choose from, see website for more info
  • Level - PG
  • Tuition Fee -  see website
  • Deadline - TBC


Summer Schools - University of Angers

Click here to apply

  • Duration - 26 June to 10 July 2021
  • Subject area/s - Programmes in research; lumomat; vascular; plant health and quality; simulation in healthcare
  • Level - UG/PG
  • Tuition Fee - €875 - €1275, depending on programme.  Early bird discounts available
  • Accommodation - included, on campus


Sciences Po Lille *Virtual* Summer School

Click here to apply

  • Duration - 28 June to 23 July 2021, but you can choose to study for 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks
  • Subject areas - 4 disciplinary 'tracks' to choose from around International and EU affairs
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Tuition Fee - €350 for 1 week, up to €1150 for 4 weeks. Early bird discounts available
  • Deadline - 28 May 2021



KU Summer School, Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

(now virtual only)

This year, the KU will offer its Summer School as a virtual programme. The opportunity of an intensive German programme with a personal atmosphere, professional teachers, exciting workshops and entertaining virtual activities and discussions. Suitable for absolute beginners with courses from levels A1 to B2. 

  • Duration - 12 July - 06 August 2021
  • Subject area/s - intensive German language courses, and regional, cultural or literature afternoon courses
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Tuition fee - €495 (special rate for partner universities)
  • Deadline - 15 May 2021

Click here for more information


KU Summer School, The Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI) Summer School 

(virtual only)

Located in the heart of Bavaria, near Munich. Attend high class academic courses on the role of firms in society, experience interactive real world business insights with entrepreneurial champions, gain insight into German and Bavarian culture and interact with students and academics around the world. 

  • Duration - 19 July - 30 July 2021
  • Subject area - Business; Economics
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Tuition Fee - €450
  • Deadline - 15 May 2021

Click here for more information


International Summer Campus, University of Potsdam

Click here to apply

  • Duration - August dates
  • Subject Areas - various academic, subject-specific and language courses, more details here
  • Level - UG & PG


International Summer School of JGU (Uni-Mainz)

Click here to apply

  • Duration - 2-21 August 2021
  • Subject Areas - Intensive German language course
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Tuition fee - €2,200 (inc accommodation) discounted fees may be available for partner universities
  • Accommodation - included in fee
  • Deadline - 01 April 2021


Frankfurt Summer School - Goethe Universität

Click here to apply

  • Duration - 02-13 August and 16-27 August 2021
  • Subject Areas - various see link - including linguistics; Social Studies; Legal Studies
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Tuition fee - see link - discounted fees may be available
  • Accommodation - student accommodation €350 
  • Deadline - 30 April 2021


IES University of Tübingen - online 

International & European Studies | Universität Tübingen (

Online Summer School 1 (in English)

The IES Online Summer School I will deal with historical, political, and human rights dynamics of European Integration, and cover the current challenges Europe and the EU face today: Brexit, political fragmentation and radicalization, migration, the pandemic and more.

  • Duration - 7 June-2 July 2021
  • Subject areas - European politics and human rights
  • Level - UG of humanities, social sciences, law and economics
  • Tuition fee - €100
  • Deadline - 31 March 2021

Click here to apply

Online Summer School 2 (in English)

"Divided in Diversity" - The European Union in Crisis?

The Online Summer School is offered entirely in English and will deal with historical, political, economic, and human rights dynamics of European Integration, and cover the current challenges Europe and the EU face today: Brexit, political fragmentation and radicalization, migration, the pandemic, the financial crises and more.

  • Duration - 12 July-20 August 2021
  • Subject areas - European politics and human rights
  • Level - UG of humanities, social sciences, law and economics
  • Tuition fee - €175
  • Deadline - 26 April 2021

Click here to apply


University of Cologne Summer School - online and onsite options

Partner University, Scholarship may be available 

More Information here

"Opinion Forming Processes in Digital Democracies"

  • Duration - 26 July - 6 August 2021
  • Subject Areas - Politics, media law
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Deadline - 30 April 2021

Click here to apply

Hong Kong

Hong Kong University Summer Institute

Partner University, discounted tuition fees available (10%)

Faculty of Arts - HKU - Programmes - Undergraduate Level - Summer Institute in the Arts & Humanities - Prospective Students

  • Level - UG
  • Subject Areas - Business Leaders for a Changing World; Virtual Worlds; KOLs in Creative Industries; Beyond the Concrete Jungle: Exploring Nature and Biodiversity
  • Duration - A - 21-25 June; B - 28 June-09 July; C - 12-23 July; D 26 July-6 August 2021
  • Tuition fees - HKD 11,600 (2-4 weeks); HKD 6,500 (1-2 weeks)
  • Deadline - 31 May 2021 (Early bird offer 28 February 2021)

Advanced Global Creative Industries Workshops Series (online) This series consists of 4 intensive workshops for more senior students with an interest in Global Creative Industries. 

Information Leaflet - The Faculty of Arts of the University of Hong Kong where you can expand your knowledge in areas of Comparative Literature, English Studies, Gender Studies, Global Creative Industries, History and Philosophy. See leaflet for more information.


The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Partner University, discounted tuition fees may be available

Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP) - Virtual only

SURP Summer Research@CUHK | CUHK Summer Programmes

The Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP) provides an opportunity for undergraduate students from overseas universities to undertake research attachments for eight weeks at CUHK during the summer. Students will conduct research under the supervision of a CUHK faculty member and earn three credits upon successful completion of the programme. Due to travel restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, SURP will be conducted virtually in the summer of 2021 to allow students to take part in the programme without leaving home.

  • Level - UG
  • Subject area - various see link
  • Duration - 28 June - 20 August 2021
  • Tuition fee - no tuition fees however a deposit will be required, which will be refunded upon successful completion of the programme.
  • Deadline - 15 March 2021

Click here to apply


The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

CUHK International Summer school - virtual only

Partner University, discounted tuition fees may be available

  • Level - UG
  • Subject area - see website - subjects include Business & Finance; Environment, Science and Technology. August session Intensive Putonghua (Mandarin) courses from beginner to advanced level 
  • Duration - July session (5-week) 28June-2 August 2021 and 3-week August session 9-27 August 2021
  • Tuition fees - HKD  7,722 for one course; HKD 15,444 for two courses; fees for admin and cultural activities. HKD 1,900 for July session and HKD 1,000 for August session.
  • Deadline - 30 April 2021 for July session; 31 May 2021 for August session (Intensive Mandarin courses available from beginner to advanced).

Click here to apply


The University of Hong Kong Summer Institute in Arts and Humanities 2021

More information here

  • Level - UG
  • Subject areas - Literature; English Studies; Gender Studies; Global Creative Industries; History and Philosophy
  • Duration - Session A 21 June; Session B 28 June; Session C 12 July (2-3 weeks)
  • Tuition fees - HKD 16,400 early bird discount HKD 15,580; Exchange partner discount HKD14,760
  • Deadline - 31 May 2021; 30 April (early bird discount)

Click here to apply


Lingnan University, Summer Institute 2021 (online only)

partner institution, students must be nominated by emailing

Exchange students can take courses from Session 1 and 2 jointly but they can take a maximum of TWO courses throughout Sessions 1 and 2. Students are advised to consult their academic advisors at home institution regarding their course selection at Lingnan University and double check for the class schedule before submitting their initial course plans.

  • Level - UG
  • Subject areas - see website
  • Duration - Session 1: 27 May - 8 July 2021; Session 2: 15 July - 3 August 2021
  • Deadline - 09 April 2021

More information here


2021 Summer School information coming soon.


2021 Summer School information coming soon


2021 Summer School information coming soon


Tokyo Metropolitan University

2021 Summer Japanese Language & Culture Programme (JLCP) - virtual

The one-week programme consists of intensive Japanese online lessons offered in 4 levels from basic to upper-intermediate plus self-study using e-learning system, lectures on Japanese culture and society, and cultural / language exchange activities with TMU students so that students can have a chance to interact and become friends with each other. 

  • Duration - June 28-7 July 2021
  • Deadline - 15 March to contact studyabroad
  • Limited places available 

Email to note further interest. Nominated students please contact studyabroad no later than 15 March 2021. 

Further information available here 


Akita International University

Summer Programme 2021: Beginner Japanese (online)

The online intensive Japanese language program is 6 weeks long and awards 6 AIU credits. It is designed for students at beginner Japanese level, a course including cultural classes such as Tea-Ceremony and Ikebana, and a virtual trip to Yokote-city, a famous historical and cultural resource in Akita.

  • Duration - 16 June to 27 July 2021
  • Tuition fees - 197,000 JPY
  • Deadline - students must be nominated, contact to note interest before 5 April 2021


Nagasaki University Summer Programme 2021

Learn Japanese language and culture online

Classes will be held in real-time (Japan) using Zoom.  Language classes 90min x 20, Special lectures 90 min x 5

  • Duration - 26 July 2021 - 06 August 2021
  • Tuition Fees  - 30,000 JPY
  • Deadline - 11 June 2021 (students must be nominated via before the deadline)

More information here 


2021 Summer School information coming soon


2021 Summer School information coming soon


VU Amsterdam

Click here to apply

  • Duration - 3-17 July 2021 and 17-31 July 2021
  • Subject areas - Various including Global Health; Governing Climate Change; The Holocaust in Europe - see website for full details.
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Tuition Fee - Partner University fee online  €700/on-campus €900 
  • Accommodation - Accommodation service offered - see link above
  • Deadline - Applications received before 31 March 2021 receive a €75 discount


University of Groningen Summer School

Click here to apply

  • Duration - various see link above 
  • Subject Areas - see link above 
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Tuition Fee - various according to course - discounted fees may be available as partner university
  • Accommodation - In many cases housing is included in fee.  Please check with school of choice.
  • Deadline - different according to School - refer to website


Radboud Summer School (Campus TBC and online)

Click here to apply

  • Duration - Various (some online - decision to be made in due course)
  • Subject Areas - refer to website includes Education; Healthcare; Business & Economics; Social Science
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Tuition Fee - 10% discount for non-partner Universities; Early bird discount before 1 March 2021
  • Accommodation - see link above






2021 Summer School information coming soon


Samara University

Online summer school 2021

Offering 10 online programmes including Russian Language and Culture; Sustainable Business Strategies; Space Materials and Technologies; 3D Printing Technologies; International Law

  • Duration - various dates from June to August (see link below)
  • Deadlines - various (see link below)
  • Tuition - $250-$350 depending on course

Find more information here



SMU Global Summer Programme


The Singapore Management University is internationally recognised for it's world class research and teaching. SMU comprises six schools specialising in Accountancy, Business, Economics, Information Systems, Law and Social Sciences.

Choose from 6 courses on Asia:

Economic Globalisation and Asia; Entrepreneurship in Asia; Global Mega Trends: Opportunities and Challenges in Asia; Innovations for Asia’s Smart Cities; Managing Customer Relations with Analytics: Asian Insights; Screening Asia: History, Society and Politics in Film

  • Duration: online - 28 June-23 July 2021/In Singapore Programme 12-23 July 2021 (decision to be made by April 2021 subject to Covid-19 restrictions)
  • Level: UG & PG
  • Fees (see brochure link)
  • Deadline - 10 May 2021 for online and 19 April 2021 for In-Singapore Programme (Singapore Standard Time, GMT +8)

Click here to apply


University of Ljubljana School of Economics and Business (online)

Click here to apply

  • Duration - 5-23 July 2021
  • Subject - Business courses - see website for more details
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Tuition Fee - one course €500/two courses €800 - Early Bird Fee - discounted fees may be available for partner universities
  • Deadline - 12 May 2021 - early bird


South Africa

Stellenbosch Summer School

Stellenbosch University offers 4 programmes during July/August. 

Choose courses in Political Science, History, Botany, Art & Media, Sociology and Religious Studies, Business Studies, Film & Literature, HIV/AIDS management, International Relations & Chinese Studies and Engineering.

  • Level - UG & PG
  • Duration - 15 July - 7 August 2021
  • Tuition Fees - see attached information sheet
  • Deadline - 15 May 2021


More information available here

South Korea


Partner University, discounted tuition fees may be available

The Yonsei summer school will be hybridised - some face to face and some live-steamed/recorded content and certain courses will be available fully online

Yonsei’s main campus is ensconced in a spacious, picturesque and natural setting located minutes away from the economic, political, and cultural centers of Seoul’s metropolitan downtown. Yonsei has over 5,000 eminent faculty members who are conducting cutting-edge research across all academic disciplines. There are 21 graduate school, 22 colleges and 120 research institute/centers hosting a selective pool of students from around the world.

Level - UG

Subject area - see full list on website - includes social sciences; Business & Economics; Arts & Humanities

Duration - 6 week 29 June-05 Aug 2021; 4 week 29 June-22 Jul 2021

Tuition fees - 1 course 1,100,000 KRW; 2 courses 2,100,000 KRW; 3 courses 3,100,000 KRW - Early Bird Discounts apply - pay in full by 30 April and get a 40% discount on tuition fees. Please note this Summer School is full fee paying and not available on an exchange basis. 

Accommodation - on campus available for additional cost

Deadline - 14 May 2021 (30 April for early bird) 

Click here to apply


Seoul National University (International Summer Programme)

Online Summer Programme offering 24 courses including Korean Studies, East Asia and International Studies, Economics and Business, Engineering and Life Sciences

Duration - 22 June 2021-02 August 2021

Tuition Fees - see link for information on fees and scholarships

Deadline - 28 May 2021

More information here


Duesto Summer School 2021

Information for 2021 to follow please look at website here for information and to register for updates.


UAB Barcelona Summer School

More information here

  • Duration - Two 3 week periods - 21 June - 9 July 2021 and 12-30 July 2021
  • Subject Areas - Various see link above
  • Level - UG
  • Tuition Fee - €850, register before 30 April for 20% discount. Discounted fees may be available for partner universities.
  • Accommodation - available on campus with discount available for summer school students. Alternative accommodation options listed on website. Some classes are online.
  • Deadline - 30 April 2021

Click here to apply


University of Zurich International Summer Schools (virtual only)

Click here to apply

  • Duration -  4-23 July 2021
  • Subject areas - all subject areas
  • Level -  UG & PG
  • Tuition Fee - 1,500-1800 Swiss Francs with discounts available for partner universities.  
  • Accommodation - virtual only


University of Lausanne Summer Schools

Click here to apply

  • Duration - Various from June to September 2021
  • Subject areas - wide range from Intensive French courses; UG Research programme in Biology and Medicine; Transdisciplinary Nature Conservation; Doing, Writing, Thinking Sport History; Langues de l'Orient - see website for full list. 
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Tuition Fee -  contact directly - discounted fees may be available for partner universities.
  • Accommodation - off campus accommodation in City 


University of Geneva - Summer Schools

Click here to apply

  • Duration - various - in person and online available - see website
  • Subject areas - Various, examples include International Cultural Heritage Law; Global Health, Drugs, Police & Power; Children at the Heart of Human Rights (online); Digital Law (online). For full list see website.
  • Level - UG & PG
  • Tuition Fee - contact directly - discounted fees may be available for partner universities
  • Accommodation - see website, help provided.

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Partner university, discounted fees may be available

Summer Programs at UNCW

Level - UG

Subject area - Science & Arts

Duration - 17 May-17 June 2021 (session 1); 28 June-22 July (session 2)

Tuition fee - $1,705 (N/A for exchange)

Accommodation - On campus housing available at additional cost to student

Deadline - 1st May 2021


The New School - United Nations Summer Study

The United Nations Summer School (UNSS), provides graduate and undergraduate students and continuing education professionals from all fields and areas of study, with knowledge and skills for understanding the United Nations system, offering preparation for international careers. The UNSS is being planned along two tracks, one premised on an in-person experience and the other assuming the programme will be online due to Covid-19. If safe to do so the programme will take place in New York City, but if this is not possible the programme will be run on zoom. More information via the link above. 

Level - UG & PG

Duration - 7 June-23 July 2021

Tuition Fee - Option 1 $3500/Option 2 $7000/Option 3 $2000

Accommodation - Available, cost to be paid by student

Deadline - 31 March (15 Feb for Option 2)

Click here to apply


Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences

Each summer, BIOS offers courses that capitalise on the expertise of the faculty and visiting scientists. Opportunities to study topics in marine science that might not be offered at home institutions. Each course comprises lectures, laboratory exercises and complementary field components.

Two courses available - Marine Larval Ecology: Responses to a Changing Ocean Environment and Coral Reef Ecology: Functional Ecology of Coral Reefs

More info here

Level - UG & PG

Duration - 28 June-16 July 2021; 9 August-27 August 2021

Tuition fee - $4,900 (Tuition, room and board) - students can apply to BIOS for scholarships

Deadline - 15 May 2021

Apply here