Go Abroad Tutors

Go Abroad Tutors

The Go Abroad Tutor is your point of contact for all academic matters relating to studying abroad.  Every department has a dedicated Go Abroad Tutor for exchange and in some departments there is one Go Abroad Tutor per exchange programme.



Go Abroad Tutor

 Biological Sciences

All Biological Sciences programmes Mrs Cath Dennis


Accountancy Dr Sarah Smith
Business Management Prof Donald Hislop (Outgoing)
Dr Tim Stone (Incoming)
Economics Dr Eva Pocher
Finance Dr Laura McCann
International Business Prof Ignacio Canales (Outgoing)
Real Estate Dr Muhammed Bolomope

Divinity, History, Philosophy & Art History

Art History Dr Hans Hones
Divinity/Religious Studies Dr Katie Cross
History Dr Cecilia Brioni
Philosophy Dr Sandro Guli


Education Dr Cathy Francis
Engineering All Engineering Dr Panos Kechagiopoulos (European Exchange)
Dr Fabio Verdicchio (International Exchange)


Archaeology Dr Joshua Wright
Geography Dr David Haro Monteagudo
Geology Dr Iraklis Giannakis

Language, Literature, Music & Visual Culture

Celtic Dr Aideen O'Leary
English/Linguistics Dr Tim Tricker (Outgoing)
Prof Shane Alcobia-Murphy (Incoming)
Dr Sukla Chatterjee (Incoming)
Prof Catherine Jones (Incoming)
Film + Visual Culture Prof Philip Cooke
French Dr Roger Ravet (Incoming/Outgoing 2023/24)
Dr Fransiska Louwagie (Outgoing 2024/25)
Dr Clémence O'Connor
German Dr Tara Beaney (Outgoing)
Dr Gundula Sharman (Incoming)
Mandarin Dr Zhu Zhu
Music Prof Philip Cooke
Spanish Prof Trevor Stack (Outgoing - Study Exchange)
Mr Rodrigo Lopez Martinez (Outgoing - Traineeship)
Dr Jesse Barker (Incoming)


LLB with French/Spanish/German Law or European Legal Studies (5 years) Prof John Ford
LLB and Legal Studies Dr Claudio Lombardi (European Exchange)
Dr Catherine Ng (International Exchange)

Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition

All Medical Sciences programmes

Dr Pietro Marini (European Exchange)
Dr Brendan Gabriel (International Exchange)
Dr Ian Fleming (Industrial Placement)

Ms Diane Gerrie (Outgoing Medical Electives first contact)

Natural & Computing Sciences

Chemistry Prof Marcel Jaspars (European Exchange)
Dr Mark Law (International Exchange)
Prof Corrie Imrie (MChem Project)
Computing Dr Wei Zhao
Mathematics Prof Ran Levi
Physics Dr Ross Macpherson
Psychology Psychology Dr Mingyuan Chu

Social Science

Anthropology Dr Arnar Arnason
Politics & IR Dr Ezel Tabur (European Exchange)
Dr Natasha Danilova (International Exchange)
Dr Malcolm Harvey (International Exchange)
Sociology Dr Christopher Kollmeyer