Germany - University of Tübingen

Germany - University of Tübingen

Innovative, interdisciplinary, international: These three words summarize what makes the University of Tübingen special. Excellent research and teaching are Tübingen’s answer to the challenges of the future in a globalized world. We maintain exchanges with partners around the globe - both at institutions of higher education and at non-university research institutions. Networks and cooperation across faculty and subject boundaries are the pillars of our successful strategy. This is reflected in our good position in international rankings. In addition, we are one of the eleven German universities distinguished with the title of “excellent.”

At the University of Tübingen, you can explore global issues and experience the world at the same time. It is home to around 1,000 international researchers and more than 4,100 international students, helping to make Tübingen a young and vibrant place of academic and cultural exchange. With its 575 partnerships in over 75 countries, the University of Tübingen is the ideal starting point for a stay abroad. Furthermore, it provides a safe environment and inspiration to those coming from abroad. Explore the world and feel at home in Tübingen!


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