France - Sciences Po Lille

France - Sciences Po Lille

Sciences Po Lille

Suitable for Politics and International Relation Students


Established in 1991, Sciences Po Lille is a public and highly selective ‘Grande Ecole’. Sciences Po Lille’s eminence and appealing makes it one of the most selective higher-education institutions in France, with the entrance exam’s total success rate being between 7% and 12%. Known for the diversity of its teaching staff and the valuable professional insertion of its graduates, the university offers a study program which combines the valuation of curiosity and critical thinking which further progresses to the specialization to broader categories of careers.

The campus in Lille is part of the Sciences Po Europe network, which brings together all the “Sciences Po” with the same entrance exam. Lille, in conjunction with its associated towns, constitutes the largest city in the North of France and is part of a cross-border metropolis of 1.9 million inhabitants in the centre of a Euro-Region.

Besides courses. Sciences Po Lille offers an active, exciting and enriching life through conferences, student organizations, and sports. A multitude of organizations has been created over the years in response to our students’ ever-changing centers of interest. Sciences Po Lille currently has more than 25 athletic, political, artistic and environmental organizations.


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