Choice and Flexibility

Choice and Flexibility

Undergraduate Honours degrees in Scotland are usually four years in duration and are generally structured to ensure a great deal of flexibility during the first two years of study.

But at Aberdeen we go one step further: flexibility and individuality are our real strengths. We know from experience that flexibility is very important in preparing our students for a world today in which new graduates need a wide range of knowledge, understanding and skills.

What this means for you:

  • Aberdeen offers almost 400 first degree programmes to choose from, you may not be quite sure of what you want to concentrate on - or even which degree you want to aim for. At Aberdeen, you are admitted to a degree course rather than to a subject or department you can usually study any subjects which interest you and even change direction as your interests and ambitions develop on the route to your tailor-made degree. This applies especially to MA and BSc students.
  • You'll get the opportunity to become a truly well-rounded professional- adding a language, perhaps studying abroad, going on a work placement, combining traditional arts with social sciences, and much more
  • We encourage you to study subjects that not only interest you but will be useful and will make you attractive to a future employer. This means you could add a subject in science or law to your arts degree. Similarly, you could add a modern language or management studies to your science degree
  • You’ll benefit from a knowledge and research base, grounded in excellence for over 500 years

Our staff and students are answering your questions about studying in Aberdeen: