Little Lectures - A Mini Lecture SeriesWe will host a number of Little Lectures as part of our 525th anniversary events.

The lectures are a great opportunity for you to get to know the experts from the University of Aberdeen. 

The Little Lectures will last around half an hour and will take cover a range of topics.

Keep an eye on the table below (set out by subject) for a full list of Little Lectures. We will be adding to this regularly. We can’t wait to welcome you virtually soon!

Please note, all times are UK time, GMT. Check the time of the Little Lectures in your time zone.


Previous Little Lectures:

Thursday 12 November

Exploring Prehistory with Ancient DNA

Presenter: Dr Linus Girdland

Biological Sciences

Previous Little Lectures:

Tuesday 10 November

Decadal Changes in Attitudes to Scottish Marine Mammal Populations

Presenter: Professor Paul Thompson


Friday 20 November

Changing fish distributions challenge the effective management of European fisheries

Presenter: Professor Paul Fernandes


Previous Little Lectures:

Monday 9 November

Negotiations, an Inevitable Activity in Today's Competitive Business World

Presenter: Dr Cheryl Dowie

Tuesday 17 November

Economics at Aberdeen: The Legacy of Sir Thomas Jaffrey

Presenter: Professor Keith Bender

Divinity, History and Philosophy

Tuesday 8 December

2pm – The Scottish Diaspora: A Brief Introduction

Presenter: Dr Marjory Harper

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This mini-lecture will highlight key themes in the history of Scottish emigration since medieval times, but with a particular focus on the centuries after 1700. Professor Marjory Harper will be addressing the emigrants’ motives, the mechanisms by which they implemented their relocation, the attitudes of donor and host countries and communities, the impact of permanent settlement and temporary sojourning, and the long-term legacies of emigration.

Friday 11 December

1pm – Knowledge in Society

Presenter: Professor Jesper Kallestrup

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This mini-lecture offers an overview of key themes in social epistemology, with a particular focus on how knowledge is transmitted in modern society. Professor Jesper Kallestrup will address how we all depend on experts or other epistemic agents, as well as technological devices, for the acquisition and preservation of knowledge.


Wednesday 2 December

6pm – Enhancing inclusive approaches in education

Presenter: Dr Kirsten Darling-McQuistan

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In the Inclusive Practice programme, we explore, and critique ideas and concepts associated with inclusion, such as social justice, ‘inclusive pedagogy’, participation, collaboration and ‘active professionalism’. This mini-lecture will draw attention to some of the debates associated with inclusion and inclusive approaches in order to promote dialogue and shared reflection.   


Previous Little Lectures:

Thursday 5 November

Towards 100% Renewable Energy & Opportunities and Challenges in the Hydrogen Economy: Power to Molecules

Presenter: Dr Davide Dionisi/Dr Alfonso Martinez-Felipe

Friday 13 November

Midday - Advances in Prosthetics for Upper Limb Amputees

Presenter: Dr Ed Chadwick


Previous Little Lectures:

Friday 30 October

UAVs to Visualise the Coast - A Scottish Example 

Presenter: Dr David Green

Tuesday 17 November

Energy Transition

Presenter: Dr Tavis Potts


Previous Little Lectures:

Monday 26 October

Climate Change and the Law

Presenter: Dr Daria Shapovalova

Presenter: Professor Abbe Brown

Thursday 26 November

Presenting to Persuade: How should it be done?

Presenter: Professor Derek Auchie

Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition

Previous Little Lectures:

Wednesday 4 November

How can we achieve a sustainable and healthy diet

Presenter: Professor Alex Johnstone

Thursday 5 November

Introducing new imaging equipment and technologies into healthcare settings - what is required?

Presenter: Professor Andy Welch

Natural and Computing Science

Previous Little Lectures

Thursday 29 October

Team Collaboration in Software Development

Presenter: Dr Bruce Scharlau

From Data to Knowledge 

Presenter: Professor Marco Thiel

Monday 2 November

Deep Learning, from Theory to Practice

Presenter: Dr Georgios Leontidis

Monday 16 November

Infrared Spectroscopy – adding analytical value by using it as a quantitative technique

Presenter: Dr Alan McCue

Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture

Thursday 3 December

9am – What are ‘materials’ in language teaching and why do we need them? (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Presenter: Dr Vincent Greenier

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Dr Vincent Greenier will be talking about language learning materials and will explore various examples of materials that can be used in the classroom. He will explain both the benefits and challenges of using existing EFL/ESL materials and designing your own and will highlight some basic principles of materials development. 

Friday 4 December

10am – The Sound of the 70s (Music)

Presenter: Dr Jonathan Hicks

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What do you think of when you think of the 1970s? Which musical artists spring to mind? What sound technologies or production effects seem to belong to that decade? Just as importantly, where do you think of when you think of the 1970s?  Dr Jonathan Hicks will address these questions and will explore how we might acknowledge and analyse diverse forms of sonic and musical practice using the example of a single decade.

Previous Little Lectures

Tuesday 1 December

Writing the Self (English Literary Studies)

Presenter: Dr Elizabeth Elliott

This mini-lecture offers an overview of key issues in thinking about life writing, inviting you to consider what might distinguish life writing and autobiography, and what the variety of methods we use to represent our life experiences might have to tell us about the way we think about ourselves.


Previous Little Lectures:

Tuesday 3 November

Ambiguity in communication and how to avoid it

Presenter: Dr Sandie Cleland

Wednesday 11 November

 Is politeness a universal concept?

Presenter: Dr Amy Irwin

Social Science

Previous Little Lectures:

Friday 6 November

Who’s Afraid of Digital? (Anthropology)

Presenter: Dr Jennifer Walklate

Strategic Studies - Strategy and national security

Presenter: Professor James Wylie