Professor Abbe Brown

Professor Abbe Brown
MA (Cantab), Dip IP (Bristol), PhD (Edinburgh), FHEA, Solicitor (non practising) England and Wales, Victoria and Scotland

Dean for Student Support
Professor in Intellectual Property

Professor Abbe Brown
Professor Abbe Brown

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The University of Aberdeen C59B Taylor Building Old Aberdeen AB24



Abbe Brown joined the University of Aberdeen as a Senior Lecturer in 2012, was appointed Reader in 2015, and Chair in 2017.  Abbe became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2016. Her inaugural lecture "Saving the world and delivering equality? Law, innovation and power" took place in King's College Conference Centre, Aberdeen, 9 March 2018, see via YouTube here

Abbe was a Lecturer in Information Technology Law at the University of Edinburgh from 2006-2012 and an Associate of the AHRC/SCRIPT research centre. Before returning to academia, Abbe spent almost 10 years in professional legal practice in London, Melbourne and Edinburgh. 

Since 2018 Abbe has been involved in negotiations relating to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction, with particular reference to intellectual property, access and benefit sharing, technology transfer and an ecoystem approach. A high profile and successful workshop and public session were held at the Royal Society of Edinburgh in January 2020.     See also March 2019 side event here and the side event on 22 August 2019 "Developing Mare Geneticum: notifying, sharing, rewarding and sustaining" see here and here.   She was involved in the Song for the Oceans, raising awareness of this fundamental issue and preparing resources for delegates and their advisers on intellectual property and its interface with science, kindly supported by the Wellcome Trust.  See also our contribution to the Podfest

Abbe provides consultancy activities, notably regarding thought leadership and innovation, and is most interested in further opportunities.  Abbe is the Vice Chair of BILETA (British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association). She organised their annual conference held in Aberdeen in April 2018 and led the development of the teaching recording policy building on the Aberdeen conference, see here.   

Abbe was Econoving Global Fellow at Universud-Pars, has visited at the University of Melbourne, Wirtschaftsuniversitat (Vienna) and Queensland University of Technology. She has been an invited speaker at the International Summer School for IT at Leibniz Universitate Hannover.  Abbe "tweets" from time to time @igftowardaccess.  She maintains links with the legal profession and industry and is involved in public engagement activities, impacct generation and knowledge transfer. On 13 November 2018 she spoke at the British Science Association debate "Would you share your DNA?" in Aberdeen, see here. With colleagues from Aberdeen and elsewhere, she is delighted to be involved in the Scottish Law and Innovation Network (@LawScottish) established in 2021. 

Abbe is the University Dean for Student Support and the School REF lead for REF2021. She is a member of two of the School's Research Centres, the Centre for Commercial Law (which she directed in 2018-19) and the Centre for Energy Law. Abbe is a member of ATRIP, SLS, SCL, IUCN and DOSI.    

Abbe has served as Deputy Head of School, Senior Personal Tutor, Programme Co-Ordinator of the LLMs in Intellectual Property Law, an Academic Line Manager, and has co-ordinated the Intellectual Property and Commercial Research Group within the Law School and established the Law with English Law undergraduate degrees. 

PhD Supervision

Abbe would be interested in receiving PhD supervision requests in respect of any aspect of technology and innovation law. Abbe is supervising students researching in the fields of corporate governance and patents, international institutions and climate change, and IP and climate change. 

Office hours (hours available to students for informal discussion) 

1.30-2.30pm UK time on Thursdays in term time, or at other times. Please email  


Research Interests

Abbe's research explores the interaction between legal fields relevant to innovation and creativity, with a strong interest on key societal challenges. She is a member of two of the School's Research Centres, the Centre for Commercial Law and the Centre for Energy Law. Abbe is the School of Law lead for REF2021.  

Abbe was part of the interdisciplinary interinstitutional team which won the Coventry University Research Team of the Year 2017 for the InVisible Difference project.  Abbe frequently contributes to public consultations relevant to her research, eg EU "Multilateral Reform of Investment Dispute Resolution" (2017), UK BEIS "Clean Growth Strategy" (2017), UK Human Rights Committee inquiry "Defending Rights: attitudes to enforcement" (2018) and the Strategic Priorities of the Scottish Human Rights Commission (2019).  Abbe organised a public engagement event "Careful what we wish for? Clashing laws, energy and society" as part of the 2015 Being Human Festival.   Since 2018 Abbe has been part of an interdisciplinary team exploring Marine Genetic Resources in the UN Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction negotiations and inspired by this has qualified as a PADI open water diver, and in 2021 engaged in new forms of public engagement through song and online enlightenment salons through the Royal Society of Edinburgh's "Tea and Talk".       

Abbe published a monograph in 2012 with Edward Elgar Intellectual Property, Human Rights and Competition: Access to Essential Innovation and Technologyan edited collection in 2013 with Edward Elgar Environmental Technologies, Intellectual Property and Climate Change, with Charlotte Waelde an edited collection in 2018 with Edward Elgar Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and Creative Industries and in 2019 a monograph with Edward Elgar Intellectual Property, Climate Change and Technology.    Her research has been supported by the Modern Law Review, the Clark Foundation for Legal Education, the British Academy (see website), the Carnegie Trust, the Wellcome Trust (see IGBE here), the British and Irish Law, Education and Technology Association and the Arts and Humanities Reseach Council (see eg InVisible Difference here and blog here).  

Abbe has also contributed to leading textbooks in the intellectual property and information technology field, notably Contemporary Intellectual Property Law and Policy with Oxford University Press.  

Current Research

Present projects involve culture, disability and heritage; innovation, energy and sustainability; access to marine genetic resources; and underpinning common themes and intertwining of relevant laws.  Her second monograph will be published by Edward Elgar in 2019.   

Find her work via Google Scholar and Researchgate 


Abbe is delighted to receive requests regarding PhD supervision in any aspect of intellectual property and technology law. 



Research Grants

"InVisible Difference" and "Resilience and Inclusion - Dancers as Agents of Change" funded by the AHRC, Co-I. P-I Professor Sarah Whatley, Coventry and other Co-Is Professor Charlotte Waelde (Exeter) and Dr Shawn Harmon (Edinburgh)

"Decision making across the information, technology and sustainability landscape: towards breadth and coherence"  funded by British and Irish Law Education and Technology Association

"Identity, Governance and Bodily Extensions" funded by the Wellcome Trust


Teaching Responsibilities

Intellectual Property

Law of Equity and Trusts 

Joint Programme Director, Law with English Law 

Professional Skills in Intellectual Property 

Further Info

External Responsibilities

Technology Committee of the Law Society of Scotland

COP26 & Climate Change Working Group of the Law Society of Scotland

Executive British and Irish Law, Education and Technology Association  

Lay member, NHSScotland Public Benefit and Privacy Panel and NHSCR Governance Board

Member of Online Identity Assurance Expert Group of the Scottish Government

Peer reviewer AHRC, Leverhulme Trust, British Academy, National University of Ireland, Irish Research Council, Research Foundation of Flanders, ACM, European Law Review, European Law Journal, Marine Policy, European Journal of Law and Technology, Legal Studies, Latvian Council of Science. Member of Editorial Board of International Review of Computers, Law and Technology.

Member of Steering Group, Women in Renewables in Scotland and Mentor (2014-16)  

External examiner: University of Hertfordshire, University of Exeter, University of Stirling, Bournemouth University, Queen Mary University of London, University of Cape Town, University of Bristol, University of Sussex. 

Previous roles: Chair Privacy Advisory Committee NSSScotland (2013-5), TSB Director's Ad Hoc Group on Intellectual Property Rights of the International Telecommunication Union (2010-2013), Committee of the Licensing Executive Society (Scotland) (2008-2015), Expert Panel member, Academy of Finland, 2013-4, Member of the editorial board of SCRIPT-ed. 

Admin Responsibilities

University Dean for Student Support

REF 21 School Lead

Former roles: Deputy Head of Law School, Senior Personal Tutor, Academic Line Manager, Programme Co-ordinator LLM in Intellectual Property Law, Programme Director LLB Law with English Law.  


Reviews, notes and working papers

(with Marcel Jaspars et al) Intellectual Property Rights: Implications for Deep Ocean Stewardship (DOSI working paper 2020)

(with Shawn Harmon and Charlotte Waelde) “SCRIPT: A Legacy of Vitality”, (2015) 12:1 SCRIPTed 51

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'So What are Sports’ Legal Rights and Wrongs? Report of the AHRC SCRIPT Murrayfield Discussions' (2009) SCRIPT-ed pp155-159 6(1)

'IP, Regulation and the EnablingState' (2005) see

Conference Papers

"Law,  Sustainability and Technology: welcoming COP to Scotland" break about session, Law and Technology Conference of Law Society of Scotland 2020 (online)

"Student Transition Online: academic support" QAA Webinar, 2020

IUCN/DOSI Webinar "Building Ambition for the High Seas, Marine Genetic Resources", 2020 

"Regulatory transitions in energy and law  - the place of IP" at BILETA 2020 (online) 

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"Relationship between IPR in the BBNJ Agreement and Global and National IPR Regimes(s)"  at Joint MERGeR-IUCN Workshop "Assessing the Relationship between Access, Benefit-Sharing and Intellectual Property Rights over Marine Genetic Resources within the BBNJ negotiations" Nottingham Law School, Nottingham Trent University, 2019

"Marine Genetic Resources in the area beyond national jurisdiction: the place of (IP) law and governance" The Scottish Association for Marine Science, 2019   

"Rights to do and rights to prevent? New approaches to rights overlap across intellectual property, information control and oil and gas" ATRIP, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, 2019  

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Organising and leading research workshop "Decision making across the information, techology and sustainability landscape: towards breadth and coherence" supported by BILETA and Arnold Porter, London 2016

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'Securing access to climate change technologies: insights from the intellectual property/human rights interface' presented at Climate Change in the Courts: Emerging Patterns, Edinburgh, 2009

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Organiser and co-chair "Questions of Sport.  What are the Legal Rights and Wrongs" at Murrayfield International Stadium, Edinburgh, November 2008.

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Textbooks and contributions

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