You can study an MLitt by Research and a PhD in Modern Thought. Staff seek to create new platforms for humanistic research in the University and beyond.

The Centre for Modern Thought was created in 2005 as a site for cross-disciplinary theoretical research and instruction. It seeks to carry forward in a searching and creative manner the theoretical initiatives that have transformed the humanities and the social sciences over the last four decades. At the same time, it seeks to sharpen this thinking in the context of debate concerning the crucial socio-political issues of our time. It gives a significant place to intellectual history and philosophy as it attempts to create the institutional conditions for thinking a present history.

With a distinguished staff, it seeks to create a new platform for humanistic research in the University and beyond. The Centre has drawn together a unique community of scholars where graduate students interact regularly with academic staff in seminars, meetings with visitors, and other events. Students benefit, at the same time, from close and frequent contact with their advisors. The Centre offers exceptional freedom for innovative, cross-disciplinary projects at the MLitt and PhD. level, and has a taught MLitt in place for those students who seek to be introduced to the cross-disciplinary work we pursue. It offers rigorous preparation in the areas of Literary Thought, Political and Legal Thought, Science Studies, Visual Culture, and Modern Philosophy, offering students in these areas high-level preparation and a rich context of discussion.

We have discovered that students working in significantly varying areas of research find the context of the Centre for Modern Thought particularly stimulating and fruitful for their individual endeavours. We invite prospective students to examine our website for a full description of our aims, structure, and activities.

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The Centre for Modern Thought was created at Aberdeen in 2005 in order to foster dynamic and theoretically informed cross-disciplinary research. It was established as a forum for rethinking the key intellectual movements of modernity in the context of the most urgent questions of our time. Its degree-granting programmes are designed to provide graduate training and supervision at the very highest levels.

The Centre has grown rapidly in the past two years, and has attracted significant attention on the global academic stage by reason of its distinguished participants and the breadth of its ambition. In its activities, it traverses the fields of literature, philosophy, theory of art, political and legal thought, and science studies. With a strong emphasis on intellectual history and philosophical foundations, we seek to give a new impetus to contemporary theoretical research. We also want to explore what is possible in the academy and to create a new interface between it and other sectors of cultural and political activity.

Students may pursue advanced degrees at the Masters and Ph.D. level.

Our programmes offer considerable freedom, but also thorough training in a rich environment of discussion and intellectual encounter. Students have the opportunity of working in a unique context that includes an exceptional concentration of intellectual leaders and creative talent.

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