Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements

The information below is provided as a guide only and does not guarantee entry to the University of Aberdeen. For information relating to your degree please check the online prospectus for specific requirements.

Undergraduate: Students who finish high school (Attestat) and have no additional qualifications have to apply to our foundation programme: https://www.aberdeen-isc.ac.uk/. Students who have the Certificate of External Independent Examination (ZNO) can be considered for direct entry into 1st year if they achieve a minimum average score of 75% (this does not apply to Medicine).

Unfortunately, the NMT which replaces the ZNO in 2022 cannot be accepted for entry. 

Students who have started studying at university level or who have gained additional qualifications might be considered for advanced entry. Please contact the International Officer for Ukraine, Kirsty Watret, with your qualifications: kirsty.watret2@abdn.ac.uk 

Postgraduate: Dyplom Magistra or a Bachelors degree with a score of 4.5 from a well ranked university is considered comparable to a UK 2.1, while a score of 4.0 is considered comparable to a UK 2.2.

The University recognises that prospective students affected by the conflict may not be able to evidence their qualifications by normal means. The University may consider a wider range of evidence where this is the case. Prospective students who may require this support should contact study@abdn.ac.uk