Staff and Student Profiles

Staff and Student Profiles

Latin America

What Our Students and Alumni Have To Say: 

Beatriz De la VegaBeatriz De la Vega – Partner at EY Peru

After some years working in EY and dealing with Oil & Gas companies, I decided to take a temporary leave to gain more knowledge in Oil & Gas matters. In this context, after some research on the best place to study and based on the recommendations of colleagues that work in other countries, I embarked in this new adventure: to become a student of the University of Aberdeen! This was a life changing experience because not only I had the chance to learn very interesting Oil & Gas topics from the excellent professors and lectures, but also, to interact with people from around the world, with different backgrounds and cultures. The opportunities to learn from others and the sources of information are endless in the University of Aberdeen! I am proud of telling everybody that I studied there! We all belong to a unique international community and for that reason I am sure I will meet my classmates again in some part of the world!


Andres RamirezAndres Ramirez (Chile) - Estadia de Investigación en Electroquímica

Mi nombre es Andrés Ramírez, Chileno, y estoy en mi último año de doctorado en Química el cual realizó en la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Dentro de los años que he estado realizando mi doctorado he participado en varios congresos internacionales y durante ese periodo he estado observando diferentes universidades alrededor del mundo para elegir mi última pasantía y así terminar mi formación. Lo que me ha llevado a inclinarme por la Universidad de Aberdeen, por tres factores: el primero y uno de los más importantes es que dentro de mi área, Electroquímica, cuenta con excelentes académicos que poseen investigación de un alto nivel. El segundo por el estilo de vida, es un lugar tranquilo, con una buena armonía y muy seguro y por último, el costo de vida en la ciudad , que coincidían perfectamente con mi situación personal. Esos tres factores lo entrega la ciudad de Aberdeen. Finalmente, les quiero contar que estando ya en mi última etapa de mi pasantía aquí en Escocia y a puertas de volver a mi país, no me arrepiento de elegir esta ciudad, por su gente amable y la diversidad cultural ya que ha sido una excelente experiencia para mí y mi familia. Gracias Universidad de Aberdeen!

Fabiana Belmonte Rada (Bolivia) - MSc. in Renewable Energy  

When I received the news that I was awarded a complete scholarship to study Renewable Energy, the first thing that crossed my mind was that I wanted to study in the UK. After thoroughly searching about the programs and universities, I found out that the offer from the University of Aberdeen covered all my academic requirements. I am about to start the second term and I can say that the University of Aberdeen is so much more than a great place to study. Adding to the fact that the topics covered in my MSc. Degree are interesting and reflect the global reality; this institution has great societies and facilities which makes studying more rewarding. In my own experience, I enjoy to be part of some societies where I am making friends with different interests and from other cultures. I am also enjoying the amazing Sport Village where I relax after a long day of study. Also, the city of Aberdeen is very student friendly. There are shopping centres, cinemas, restaurants, pubs and clubs and many of them have student’s discounts and the people is always willing to help and to share the Scottish culture. I am very happy that I am studying here. I can have a balanced life and reach my personal goals! 

Clarissa Cárcamo

Clarissa Cárcamo (Honduras) - LLM in Criminal Justice and Human Rights

My name is Clarissa Cárcamo and I am originally from Honduras. I am currently studying a Degree of Master of Laws in Criminal Justice and Human Rights. The Professors have remarkable knowledge of the topics and all of them are well known for their outstanding researches. I consider the lectures and seminars to be of outstanding quality. As most of the postgraduate students are internationals, we have very rich discussions in the seminars, which helps to build one’s critical thinking and analytical skills. The University of Aberdeen also offers great opportunities to get involved in extra-curricular activities. I must also say that the city of Aberdeen is enchanting, with all the places to explore, and the people is genuinely friendly! I am honoured to be part of the student community at the University of Aberdeen. 


Vera Lucía Crespo

Vera Lucía Crespo (Dominican Republic) - LLM in Energy and Environmental Law

When I decided I wanted to specialise in the Energy Sector, I started to research which universities had the best programmes for my LLM and the University of Aberdeen came up almost instantly. After being here, there is no doubt that I made the right choice. The University of Aberdeen has equipped me with not only theoretical knowledge, but the professors at university make sure that you come out of the classroom with a practical knowledge on the field too. Seminars provide you with an in-depth assessment of problems and circumstances for each lecture and let you listen and analyse different point of views that may come up in the classroom. Not only has the academic experience been enriching, but the networking with professors and other post-graduate students is also a great plus, I have come to find very good friends from all over the world in Aberdeen. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.


Juliana Miguel PintoJuliana Miguel Pinto (Colombia) - MSc in Petroleum Enginering

Without a doubt one of the most powerful experiences that I have lived until now, is to have the opportunity to continue my studies at the University of Aberdeen, taking the MSc in Petroleum Engineering.  The study system is excellent, it has a state of the art library, laboratories, research groups and a number of facilities for the student. The academic level stands out for having professors who have an broad educational experience in each area of study, that is transmitted in each course that I have attended, during my postgraduate.In addition, to the academic field, I grew up in several aspects, on a personal level. My sense of independence, organization, responsibility and respect for others' customs have improved throughout this experience. 

Life in Aberdeen: GREAT!!! The city is wonderful, full of history, culture, bars and extraordinary restaurants. You cannot explain it, you can only live it!