How Much Does it Cost?

How Much Does it Cost?

How Much Will It Cost?

The visa application fees are listed on the UKVI website.

Immigration Health Surcharge

International students have to pay an immigration health surcharge in order to apply for a Student Visa. The amount paid as an immigration health surcharge will depend on the maximum length of leave that can be granted and not on the course dates on the confirmation of acceptance for studies. The surcharge is £470 per year of study, plus an additional £235 to cover the full duration of the visa. The total amount has to be paid upfront in order to receive a visa. The same surcharge has to be paid for each dependant.

For more information on the NHS health surcharge, please visit the UKVI website. NHS treatment will remain free at the point of use for students. For more information on this, please click here.

Some of those who are exempt from paying the immigration health surcharge will not be entitled to free National Health Service (NHS) treatment. This group includes visitors and short-term students. If you need to receive NHS medical treatment (other than accident & emergency services), you will be charged 150% of the actual cost. You should ensure that you obtain medical insurance before travelling to the UK.

NHS health surcharge by degree duration:

12-month degree     


3-year degree


4-year degree


5-year degree


Tuberculosis screening

Applicants who live permanently in certain countries/regions who come to the UK for more than six months require a certificate to show that they are free from infectious pulmonary tuberculosis (TB).

The list of countries/regions is subject to change depending upon local conditions.

You do not need to apply for a TB certificate if you have lived for at least six months in a country that does not require TB screening, and you have been away from that country for no more than six months.

What is the TB test?

The TB test is a chest x-ray. You must get the test at a UKVI approved clinicYou will get a certificate which is valid for six months. You must include this with your visa application.

Carry your certificate

If you need a TB screening certificate, you should carry it in your hand luggage in case you need to present it to an immigration officer on arrival in the UK.