International students who are planning to study at the University of Aberdeen or any other British university, but whose English language skills are slightly lower than the minimum required for direct entry can apply to study English at our Language Centre. It offers a number of programmes including:

  • Arts and Science Focused Academic English Language Summer Schools: Depending on your English proficiency, you can apply to study a number of subjects of varying duration to enhance your language skills prior to the commencement of your degree.
  • LLM Pre-Sessional English Language Courses: This course aims to develop your understanding and use of legal terminology, develop your ability to read different types of legal texts effectively and provide you with practice in group-based discussion work and increase your confidence in speaking. The length of the course will depend on your level of English proficiency.
  • Academic English Preparation Programme: If your current English language skills are significantly lower than the minimum required for direct entry to your chosen degree programme, you can apply to attend the University's Academic English Preparation Programme. This lasts a full academic year with different entry points depending on your level of English and the entry requirements for the programme you ultimately expect to join.
  • In-Sessional Support in English Language & Academic Skills: During term time, as an international students studying at the University of Aberdeen you can access a range of Language Centre support services. These are widely publicised around the University or you can obtain further details by contacting the Language Centre directly. Courses typically focus on the development of language and academic skills in key areas such as Academic Writing, Giving Oral Presentations and Seminar Skills.

British Council English School

The British Council is the UK's international organisation for educational and cultural relations between the UK and the rest of the world. The British Council provides English language courses from 135 outlets in 58 countries world-wide. If you visit the British Council website you can find out about courses that are available in your own country. If the British Council office in your country does not offer courses in English, it will be able to recommend other English language courses in your own country that you may wish to attend before beginning your studies in Aberdeen.