George Washington Wilson Centre for Visual Culture

The George Washington Wilson Centre for Visual Culture is based in the School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture at the University of Aberdeen in Northeast Scotland. The GWW mission is to bring together researchers from across the University with an interest in visual culture broadly defined, including film, photography, art history, anthropology and museum studies. Its members share a common concern in investigating visual culture: what it is; how it functions across different times, places and contexts; how we encounter or understand it. GWW facilitates a range of activities which promote research into visual culture, including a regular reading group and seminar series; international conferences; and public engagement through Aberdeen University’s May Festival and work with regional partners. It also promotes engagement with the University’s important photographic collections, most notably that of George Washington Wilson himself, from whom the Centre takes its name. 

GWW also acts as a hub for a thriving community of postgraduate students engaged in visual culture research. Students play an active role in the GWW’s reading group and the organisation of its research activities. GWW’s members are keen to hear from potential applicants interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree (MLitt or PhD) related to visual culture, and any informal enquiries can be made to Dr Katya Krylova.

For more information on the Wilson Centre's ongoing activities, please visit our Research Centre page or its blog