CEKAS Seminar: Dr Natalie Ashton (Stirling)

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CEKAS Seminar: Dr Natalie Ashton (Stirling)

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Dr Natalie Ashton (Stirling)

‘Productive Online Environments: Why Twitter Is (Epistemically) Better Than Facebook’


Encountering viewpoints that we disagree with can be difficult, but it can also, in the right circumstances, be productive; this idea is neatly captured by Jose Medina's term epistemic friction. But what are 'the right circumstances'? Especially in online environments, it can seem like we're always at risk of being exposed either to too much epistemic friction (think of twitter pile-ons or forum trolls) or to too little (facebook filter bubbles). In this paper I draw on the work of Medina and other political epistemologists to formulate two guidelines for creating productive epistemic environments: (1) elevate marginalised voices, and (2) foster epistemic respite. I then discuss the privacy settings of  two platforms - Twitter and Facebook - to explore how productive environments can be fostered online.


Date- 2 February 2022, 3-4:30pm


For more information and link to the talk, please contact Federico Luzzi: f.luzzi@abdn.ac.uk