New approaches to modelling microbial genome evolution

New approaches to modelling microbial genome evolution

Dr Tom Williams for the University of Bristol joins the list of speakers for the SBS Friday research seminar series.

Interested in cell evolution research, Tom obtained a B.A. in Genetics (2007) and a Ph.D. in molecular evolution (2010) from Trinity College Dublin. His Ph.D. work with Mario Fares focused on the evolution of molecular chaperones in Bacteria and Archaea, and on the effect of chaperone-mediated buffering of destabilising mutations on protein evolutionary rates. From 2010-2015, he was a Marie Curie Fellow and then a Research Associate in Martin Embley's group at Newcastle University, working on phylogenomics and eukaryotic genome evolution. In 2015, Tom joined Bristol as a Royal Society University Research Fellow, first in Earth Sciences and now in the School of Biological Sciences. 


Dr Tom Williams
Hosted by
Dr Cecile Rangin
Zoology Building - Lecture Theatre

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