Beyond the Border: Irish and Scottish Studies, 1999-2019-2039

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Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies: Twentieth Anniversary Conference

Friday 15 November

12.30-2.00: Registration

SDRL: Craig Suite


2.00-3.00: Plenary speaker

SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite

Alice Taylor (KCL), ‘What does Scotland’s earliest legal treatise actually say (and what does it mean)?’


3.30-5.00: Session One

Cultures of Law in Medieval Aberdeen

SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite

Jackson Armstrong (Aberdeen) and Edda Frankot (Nord), ‘Cultures of Law and the Aberdeen Burgh Records Project’

Andrew Simpson (Aberdeen), ‘Men of Law in Medieval Aberdeen: A Case Study?’


Walter Scott Research Centre panel

SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite 2

Chair and Discussant: Ali Lumsden (Aberdeen)

Ainsley McIntosh, ‘Writing the Nation: Walter Scott’s Narrative Poetry’

Paul Arant (Aberdeen), ‘Marriage and Union in Walter Scott’s Rokeby


Saturday 16 November


9.30-11.00: Session Two


United Islands

SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite

Hiroki Ueno (Hitotsubashi), ‘The Transnational aspect of the intellectual makings of the Scottish Identity: J. G. A. Pocock and David Hume on Europe and Great Britain’

Sarah McCleave (Queen’s University Belfast), ‘Europe’s Interest in the Music and Lyrics of Thomas Moore’


Irish Women Writers I

SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite 2

David Wheatley (Aberdeen), ‘Glenmalure Psychogeography: On the Trail of Fiach McHugh O’Byrne with Biddy Jenkinson’

Matthew Campbell (York), ‘In the Fishtank with Leontia Flynn’

Tara McEvoy (Queen’s University Belfast): ‘“A pattern to the pattern”: Formalism and Contemporary Women’s Poetry’


Creative Engagements with the Aberdeen Council Registers

SDRL floor 2: Room 224

Chair: Jackson Armstrong (Aberdeen)

Claire Hawes (Aberdeen)

William Hepburn (Aberdeen)


11.30-1.00: Session Three



SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite

Brad Bow (Aberdeen), ‘George Campbell on the Common Sense of Rhetoric in the Aberdeen Enlightenment’

Paul Tonks (Yonsei), ‘Opening Borders through 18th Century Political Economy: Migration, Naturalization, Scotland and Ireland in Global Historical Perspective’

Endre Szecsenyi (Aberdeen) ‘Berkeley and Modern Aesthetics’


Irish Women Writers II

SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite 2

Aifric Mac Aodha (An Gúm, Dublin), Poetry reading and panel discussion

Ailbhe Darcy: Poetry reading and panel discussion


New Directions for the Seventeenth Century

SDRL floor 2: Room 224

Coleman Dennehy (University of Limerick), ‘Institutional Histories of Seventeenth-Century Ireland’

Ian Campbell (Queen’s University Belfast), ‘The Problem of Holy War in Irish and Scottish History in the Seventeenth Century'

Bethany Marsh (Oxford), ‘"exceedingly troubled with frights and feares": The 1641 Irish Rebellion and the Emotional Dimension of Refugee Displacement’


2.00-300: Plenary Speaker

SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite

Graham Walker (QUB), ‘Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Leaving of Unions’


3.30-5.00: Session Four



SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite

Simon Egan (Glasgow) ‘Anglo-French Ancestry, Acculturation, and Assimilation in Late Medieval Ireland and Scotland’

Clare Downham (Liverpool), ‘St Patrick in Scotland’


Rethinking Scottish Art

SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite 2

William Paton (Aberdeen), ‘Printing Money: James Byres and the Search for Revenue in Grand Tour-Era Rome’

Wendy McGlashan (Aberdeen) ‘Demons of Discord and Illustrious Martyrs: John Kay and the Rhetoric of Radical Reform in Enlightenment Edinburgh’

Michelle Foot (Aberdeen), ‘There is No Death: Christian Spiritualism in Early Twentieth-Century Scottish Art’


Irish Revolution

SDRL floor 2: Room 224

John Regan (Dundee), ‘“Affirmationism” in the Irish revolutionary period’

W. J. McCormack, ‘Evolutionary Types and Roger Casement and Several Scottish Doctors’

Chloe Alexander (Aberdeen), ‘James Connolly, Scotland, Ireland and Marxist Internationalism’


Sunday 17 November


11.00-12.30: Session Five


Locating Irish and Scottish Identity in the Colonial Nineteenth Century

SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite

Sarah Sharp (Aberdeen) ‘Hame in USA: Situating The Cotter's Saturday Night in the Post-Revolutionary United States’

Sophie Cooper (Edinburgh), ‘The fair daughter of Erin has been assailed: Irish and Scottish Pride in the Settler Society of Melbourne’

Honor Riley (Glasgow), ‘The Expedition of Bridget Lacy’


Irish and Scottish Diaspora

SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite 2

Colin Barr (Aberdeen), ‘Tracing Ireland’s Spiritual Empire’

Patrick Mannion (Edinburgh),’ Nationalism and Identity “On Both Sides of the Line”: The Ancient Order of Hibernians and Networks of Diaspora in the United States and Canada, 1908-1918’


Future of Irish and Scottish Studies

SDRL floor 2: Room 224

Chair: Maria Dick (Glasgow)

Stefanie Lehner (QUB), Corridor(s), (Border) Crossings and/or Crosscurrents: Rethinking Critical Paradigms for Irish-Scottish Studies

Michael Brown (Aberdeen), ‘Irish and Scottish Studies and the English Problem’


12.30-1.00: Final Discussion and Close of Conference

SDRL floor 7 Craig Suite

Hosted by
Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies
The Sir Duncan Rice Library

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