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Aberdeen University has built an outstanding group of specialists in Irish and Scottish studies across a wide variety of disciplines. They provide an environment in which PhD students can engage with leading-edge and interdisciplinary research in almost all aspects of Irish and Scottish culture, and in which they can acquire the expertise to be contributors to that research. For Information on applying for postgraduate work at the University of Aberdeen, please contact the Postgraduate Research School.

Sir Duncan Rice Library has major collections dating back to before the University‚Äôs founding in 1495 that provide significant resources for research, and is especially strong in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century holdings.

PhD students can get information about financial support from the Postgraduate Research School.

Staff with interests in Irish and Scottish Studies at Aberdeen who would welcome PhD applications include:

Professor Shane Alcobia-Murphy
Professor of English

Dr Richard Anderson
Lecturer in History

Professor Jackson Armstrong 
Senior Lecturer in History

Professor Timothy Baker
Professor of English

Dr Bradford Bow
Lecturer in History

Professor Michael Brown
Professor of Irish, Scottish and Enlightenment History

Professor Cairns Craig FBA, FRSE
Glucksman Professor of Irish and Scottish Studies

Professor Robert Frost
Burnett-Fletcher Chair in History

Professor Marjory Harper
Professor of History

Professor Catherine Jones
Professor of English Literature

Dr Alastair Macdonald
Mackie Senior Lecturer in Scottish History

Dr Laura Mair
Lecturer in Scottish History

Professor Michelle Macleod
Professor of Gaelic

Dr Ben Marsden
Senior Lecturer in the History of Science

Dr Sarah Sharp
Lecturer in Scottish Literature 

Professor Moray Watson
Professor of Gaelic and Translation Studies

Professor David Wheatley
Professor of English Literature


Internal Funding

For information, please contact the Postgraduate Research School.

External Funding

Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities
The Scottish Graduate School supports research across humanities subjects, such as history, modern languages and English literature, to the creative and performing arts. It provides fee waivers, stipends and training.

Scottish Graduate School of Social Science
The Scottish Graduate School of Social Science is the UK's largest facilitator of funding, training and support for doctoral students in Social Science.

Carnegie Trust
"In accordance with Andrew Carnegie's wishes, the Royal Charter enables the Trust to support the 13 Universities of Scotland, their staff and students."