Available Datasets

Available Datasets

Available Datasets

Grampian Population Platform: Datasets permissioned for access for research purposes via DaSH

NHS Grampian Caldicott approval in place for access to the following NHS Grampian data for research purposes via DaSH:

  • Badgernet
  • Care Home Addresses
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Data
  • Clinical letters (e.g., Outpatient Clinic and GP Referrals)
  • Community Health Index Register (including deaths)       
  • COVID-19 Testing, and Shielding Data
  • Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) Database
  • Grampian Renal Unit Data including Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT)
  • Genetics Data
  • Glomerular and Rheumatic Diseases Dataset
  • GP Out Of Hours (Adastra)
  • GP Local Enhanced Services (GP LES) Data
  • Haematology Clinic Dataset
  • Imaging Data (NHS Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) – Imaging Data
  • Imaging Data (NHS Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) - Reports      
  • Laboratory Data (APEX) - Biochemistry
  • Laboratory Data (APEX) - Haematology (including immunology)
  • Laboratory Data (APEX) - Microbiology (including virology)
  • Laboratory Data (APEX) - Histopathology (including Gynae-cytology)    
  • National Records of Scotland (NRS) Deaths
  • NHS 24 Data
  • OPERA (Theatre Records)
  • Outpatient Clinic Letters
  • Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)
  • Prescribing Information System (PIS)     
  • Psychological Therapies data (via Integrated Care pathways)
  • Scottish Ambulance Services
  • Scottish Breast Screening Service Data
  • Scottish Care Information – Diabetes Collaboration (SCI-DI) for NHS Grampian patients
  • Scottish Morbidity Record (SMR) 00 - Outpatient attendance    
  • Scottish Morbidity Record (SMR) 01 - General / Acute Inpatient and Day Case      
  • Scottish Morbidity Record (SMR) 02 - Maternity Inpatient and Day Case   
  • Scottish Morbidity Record (SMR) 04 - Mental Health Inpatient and Day Case     
  • Scottish Morbidity Record (SMR) 06 - Cancer Registry   
  • TrakCare Data:
    • TrakCare Inpatient Admission Measures Grampian
    • TrakCare Emergency Department Attendances Grampian
    • TrakCare Outpatient Activity Grampian
    • TrakCare Waiting List Grampian
  • Vaccination Data
    • COVID-19 vaccination data
    • Flu vaccination data

Generic ethics approval for access to the above NHS Grampian data and the following UOA datasets for research purposes via DaSH:

  • Aberdeen Birth Cohorts (ABC)
  • Aberdeen Children of the 1950s (ACONF)
  • Aberdeen Fertility Clinic and Assisted Reproduction databases
  • Aberdeen Maternity and Neonatal Databank (AMND)
  • Grampian Renal Biochemistry Database
  • National Stroke Audit
  • Study of Eczema and Asthma To Observe the influence of Nutrition (SEATON)
  • Study of Trends in Obesity in North East Scotland (STONES)

NHS Grampian Caldicott and generic ethics approvals for DaSH infrastructure and processes to also support access to data from:

  • The national datasets processed by NSS/eDRIS
  • Other NHS Boards (as agreed with individual health boards)