Admissions and Entry Requirements FAQ’s

Admissions and Entry Requirements FAQ’s

Q: What does AFG College stand for?

A: AFG stands for the Al Faleh Group, a Qatar based organisation that provides educational products and services ranging from Kindergarten through to Higher Education. Three schools, which include, Doha Academy, fall under the group’s portfolio.

Q: Which degrees are offered by AFG College with the University of Aberdeen?

A: AFG College with the University of Aberdeen currently offers five undergraduate programmes: 

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business Management
  • Business Management and International Relations
  • Business Management and Information Systems 
  • Business Management and Legal Studies 

We also currently offer five postgraduate degrees: 

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MSc International Business Management 
  • LLM International Commercial Law
  • iPGDE/ MEd (Education)
  • MSc International Human Resource Management 

Q: What is the duration of study for the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees?

A: In line with the University of Aberdeen on campus degrees, the undergraduate programmes are delivered over a four- academic year period and are studied on a full-time basis.

You can study the postgraduate degrees full time over 12 months or part time over 24 months. Some postgraduate degrees are offered only over a part time period of 24 months.

Q: What are the requirements to be accepted to the first year of the undergraduate degrees?

A: We require a minimum of 65% achievement in Thanawiya and evidence of English proficiency, which can be demonstrated through the ILETS certificate at a minimum of a 5.5 banding. For other qualifications, we study each on a case by case, for example: the British curriculum we accept a minimum of 5 IGCSE’s (“C” or above) and 2 AS levels (pass or above). For more information, you can contact the Admissions office.  

Q: What are the requirements to be accepted to the postgraduate degrees?

A: Entry requirements differ between the programmes. Please see the details on the programme of interest webpage.

Please also note that the English language requirements are higher for postgraduate study (IELTS at 6.5 overall).

Q: When can I apply to study?

A: Our main intake for all undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes are in September each year. Some postgraduate programmes commence in October. We accept applications throughout the year and prospective students can apply directly to the College either in person or online. In some cases, students can join our undergraduate degrees in January. Please contact our Admissions Department for further information.

Q: How can I apply?

A: Go to the apply page, download the application form and complete it. Then scan it and send it along with your qualifications and any other relevant supportive documentation to the Admissions office via email at You can also submit your completed application form along with the documents in person to one of our Course Advisors. 

Q: Where is AFG College with the University of Aberdeen located?

A: The campus address is Building 98, Zone 40, Ali Bin Abi Talib Street, 820, Doha. You can find the location by clicking the following link:'38.0%22N+51%C2%B030'04.4%22E/

Q: Who awards the degree programmes at AFG College with the University of Aberdeen?

A: All of the degrees are awarded by the University of Aberdeen.

Q: Are the degree programmes offered at AFG College with the University of Aberdeen accredited by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar?

A: Yes, all the degree programmes that are offered at AFG College with the University of Aberdeen are accredited by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Q: What does Master of Arts stand for?

A: The University of Aberdeen is the fifth oldest University in the UK, having been established in 1495. The ancient Universities operate by virtue of a special Royal Charter meaning they are governed by the reigning monarch and a group of eminent individuals known as the Privy Council. Part of this special charter means that undergraduate humanities degrees are known as Master of Arts or MA degrees, whereas in other Universities these would be known as BA or Bachelor of Arts degrees. In terms of their level they are exactly the same and you should understand that the term does not imply they are postgraduate degrees.

Q: What does joint honours degree mean?

A: A joint honours degrees is a specific degree typically offered at Bachelors degree level. Two (or more) subjects are studied at the same time within the timeframe of one honours.

Q: When is the last day for registration?

A: Registration is possible until the end of the second teaching week for undergraduate programmes. For postgraduate programmes, registration is open until the end of induction week, provided there are available seats in the desired cohort. 

Q: How will I know if I have been accepted on to your degree programmes?

A: Once your application form is complete and the required documents have been received by the Admissions office, the application is evaluated and an offer is sent to you by email. You may visit the Admissions office to collect the hard copy. 

Q: What should I do after getting the offer letter?

A: Once you receive your offer letter, please confirm receipt and inform us that you have accepted it. Then you are kindly asked to pay the registration fee if your offer is unconditional in order to secure your place. If the offer was conditional, then once you meet your conditions you may pay the registration fee to secure your place.

Q: Does the university offer evening classes?

A: Evening classes for undergraduate programmes are available for Business Management Level 2 and 3.
The University reserves the right to open or close the evening classes based on the offer holders’ demand and preference.

For the postgraduate degrees, all delivery weeks are scheduled in the afternoon/evening time.