Dr Rachel Brackenridge

Dr Rachel Brackenridge
Dr Rachel Brackenridge

Dr Rachel Brackenridge



Rm. 145, Meston Building, Kings College, Aberdeen, AB24 3FX


The dominant research theme to my work is 'Deepwater Sedimentary Systems: Resources, Hazards and Climate’. This has been focused on the interaction of ocean currents with the sea floor and the resulting deposits, named contourites.  My PhD research focused on characterising sand-rich contourite depositional systems, and their importance as potential hydrocarbon reservoirs. My research is now focused on the how the distribution of these deposits are controlled by global climate and how bottom currents interact with the continental margins with respect to margin architecture and geohazards. 

The application of geoscience is central to my research. Gaining a number of years of experience in the petroleum industry has given me a good multidisciplinary understanding of the evolution of extensional settings through to passive margins. Frontier basins and plays have been the main focus of past work. Following my postdoctoral research on the UK Central North Sea, energy stability and energy equality has become an important driver to my work. 


Research Overview


Deepwater Sedimentary Systems: Sedimentology; Contourites; Mixed systems; Strat. Traps; Ocean Currents; Climate; Geohazards; Tsunamigenic Submarine Landslides; Passive Margins; Sequence Stratigraphy; Source-to-Sink; Sediment Transport; Machine Learning. 

Petroleum Geology & GeoEnergy: Petroleum Exploration; Regional Geology; Frontier Basins; Frontier Plays; Play Mapping; Deep Water Plays; Geohazards; Big Data; Risking.

Past Research Projects


Teaching Responsibilities

Programme Director, MSc Integrated Petroleum Geoscience.

Course Coordinator, GL5011 ‘Geophysics & Petrophysics’ (Level 5).

Course Coordinator GL5301 'Borehole Geophysics and 4D Reservoir Modeling' (Level 5)

Course coordinator GL5907 'Projects in Integrated Petroleum Geoscience' (Level 5)



GG1010: Creating the Anthropocene: 'The Growth of Energy’ 

GG1512: The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 'Clean and Affordable Energy'

GP3501: Interpretation of Seismic Reflection Data. 'Seismic Stratigraphy', 'Seismic Mapping', and 'Seismic Facies

GL4034: Applied Geological Synthesis

GL5011: Geophysics & Petrophysics. 'Exploration Geophysics Fundamentals


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