Dr Julie Rostan

Dr Julie Rostan
Dr Julie Rostan
Dr Julie Rostan

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I am an environmental social scientist, with a background in biology, ecology, oceanography, and marine environmental law. My doctoral research conducted at the University of the Highlands and Islands examined the social dimensions of seaweed cultivation for bioenergy production. Subsequently, my first postdoctoral work delved into social acceptance of underground hydrogen storage, offering insights into community-specific challenges associated with the transition to net-zero and ecosystem preservation. These projects deepened my interest in the social approaches to the intersecting crises of biodiversity and climate change and provided me with in-depth experience working with diverse stakeholders across various environments. 


  • PhD in Environmental Social Science 
    2023 - University of the Highlands and Islands 
  • Master in Marine environmental Law and Policy 
    2018 - University of Nice Sophia Antipolis 
  • MSc in Oceanography 
    2017 - University Paris VI 
  • BSc in Biology and Ecology 
    2015 - University of Nice Sophia Antipolis 

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Research Overview

My research focuses on understanding human responses to the intersecting challenges of the biodiversity crisis and climate change. I have a particular interest in environmental restoration and nature-based solutions in marine and terrestrial environments, with a specific emphasis on perceptions, social acceptance and policy considerations. For my research, I utilise qualitative and quantitative social science methods alongside participatory approaches.

Research Areas

Geography and Environment

Research Specialisms

  • Environmental Geography
  • Applied Social Science
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Marine Sciences

Our research specialisms are based on the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) which is HESA open data, published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.

Current Research

I currently conduct research as part of the RivyEvi (Centre of Expertise for Water) project in collaboration with the James Hutton Institute. Our focus is to assess and prioritise research and development needs highlighted by the Riverwoods evidence review and foster healthier, more resilient river ecosystems through enhanced riparian and floodplain management practices in Scotland. We seek to work closely with stakeholders to identify actionable opportunities to address these gaps, facilitating investment in expanding river woodlands as well as enhancing and restoring riverscape environments.


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