Dr John Millett

Dr John Millett
Dr John Millett
Dr John Millett

BSc Hons, PhD

Honorary Research Fellow

School of Geosciences



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Conference Contributions

Complications when drilling basalt: What’s the difference? Drilling Volcanics Conference, invited talk, Faroe Islands, 2015.

Volcanic development of the NE Faroe-Shetland Basin: insights from 2.6 km of volcanic rocks penetrated by the Lagavulin exploration well. 2nd Jóannes Rasmussen Conference, Faroe Islands, 2015.

Offshore drilling through basaltic sequences: geological heterogeneity and its implications for drilling complications. VMSG, Norwich, 2015.

Magmatic dynamics and stratigraphy within the Faroe Islands Basalt Group: Can we correlate basalt? VMSG, Edinburgh, 2014.

Geochemical stratigraphy and correlation within the Faroe Islands Basalt Group: Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Mantle Sources during Continental Rupture. Goldschmidt, Florence, Italy, 2013.

Exploration within Large Igneous Provinces: Well data and what to do with it. Devex, Aberdeen, 2013.

Volcanic stratigraphy from ditch cutting analysis. 4th Faroe Islands Exploration Conference, Faroe Islands, 2012.

Geochemical stratigraphy within the Faroe Islands Basalt Group. 4th Faroe Islands Exploration Conference, Faroe Islands, 2012.

Can lava geochemistry be utilized to aid predictive stratigraphy offshore? PESGB West of Shetlands Conference: Exploration to Exploitation, London, 2011.


Research Overview

I currently hold an Honorary Research Fellow position with Aberdeen University studying a number of aspects of Large Igneous Province volcanism including stratigraphy, geochemistry and deposit distributions in space and time.

A strong current focus on areas of volcanic research applications to resource exploration, development and drilling both off and onshore.

Research on the Faroe Islands Basalt Group geochemical stratigraphy and its implications to geochemical correlation within the Faroe Shetland basins and Large Igneous Provinces as a whole.

Developments in well based analysis of volcanic stratigraphy using both ditch cuttings and petrophysical well log data.

Involved in well log and cuttings analysis of Krafla (Iceland) geothermal wells as part of the IMAGE (Integrated Methods for Advanced Geothermal Exploration) EU project.

Field facies analysis and mapping within volcanic terrains and the interaction of volcanism with sedimentary basin drainage systems.

Current project work utilizing laboratory petrophysics measurements (porosity, permeability, ultrasonic P/S wave velocities, UCS, triaxial strength testing) to better understand the heterogeneity within key volcanic facies with a focus on confining pressures up to common exploration depths.

About to begin project work on Hawaii geothermal wells incorporating wireline logging data (aquisition through the VMAPP project) with lab based petrophysics in collaboration with the Humu‘ula Groundwater Research Project (HGRP), University of Hawaii.

Member of the StratLIP research group University of Aberdeen.

Current Research

Areas of active research: Faroe Islands, Isle of Mull, Hawaii, Isle of Skye, Washington State USA, Iceland, UKCS, Norwegian/East Greenland conjugate margin, Neuquen Basin Argentina.


ISOR Iceland Geosurvey: IMAGE/VMAPP Projects

GFZ Potsdam: VMAPP/IMAGE Projects

CEED, Oslo University: VMAPP/MIMES/DIPS projects

University of Hawaii: Humu‘ula Groundwater Research Project

CASP: Simon Passey