Dr Barbara Leon

Dr Barbara Leon
Dr Barbara Leon

Dr Barbara Leon

BA (Hons), MA, MSc, PhD, AFHEA

Teaching Fellow, Student Assistant, Teaching Assistant




Graduated with a BA (Hons) and MA in History of Art (University of Oviedo) in 2012, and a further MSc in Research Methods in Humanities (UNED), I finished my Ph.D. in History of Art (University of Oviedo) in 2020.

I came to the University of Aberdeen as a Visiting Student in 2016 to the Centre for Modern Thought in February 2016, and then to the Film & Visual Culture Department in January 2017. Later that year, in September I joined the Language, Literature, Music Film & Visual Culture School as a Teaching Assistant in Film and Visual Culture. In 2018, I also started working with the Spanish and Latin American Studies Department. I became a Teaching Fellow in Spanish & Latin American Studies and in Film & Visual Culture in September 2021.

Furthermore, I am also responsible for the teaching of the Spanish Language courses at the Language Centre, also part of the University of Aberdeen 


  • PhD History of Art 
    2020 - University of Oviedo 
    Thesis: The study of the city through photography: from Surrealism to Postmodernism
  • BA (Hons) & MA History of Art 
    2012 - University of Oviedo 
  • MSc Research Methods in History, History of Art and Geography 
    2014 - UNED 

Memberships and Affiliations

Internal Memberships


Deputy Race Equality Champion - School of Languages, Literature, Music, Film and Visual Culture (2021-)

External Memberships

Grant Applications Reviewer Scottish Universities Insight Institute

Peer reviewer  RevistArq Revista de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Costa Rica | ISSN 2215-275X

Peer reviewer  Estoa. Revista de la Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo. Universidad de Cuenca (Ecuador). e-ISSN: 1390-9274

Peer reviewer Res Mobilis. Revista internacional de investigación en mobiliario y objetos decorativos. Universidad de Oviedo. ISSN 2255-2057

Latest Publications

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Prizes and Awards


 Award for 'The most useful improvement' Ministry of Innovation, Education and Science (Spanish Government) - 2014


Research Overview


My lines of research correspond to Urban Identities in Postmodern and 20th Century architecture. I also explore the philosophy and history of art within contemporary aesthetics and visual culture. I look at two main movements which are Surrealism and Postmodernity. I explore their relation to urbanism through different methodologies such as photography, urbanism and architectural theory.

Research Areas

Spanish and Latin American Studies

Film and Visual Culture

Research Specialisms

  • History of Art
  • Urban Studies
  • Visual Communication
  • History of Architecture
  • Spanish Society and Culture

Our research specialisms are based on the Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) which is HESA open data, published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence.

Current Research


I'm currently looking at cultural identities through Art, Visual Culture but also regarding Urban Landscapes and Architecture. My research focuses on 20th century cities approach from Visual Culture and Spanish and Latin American Studies methodologies.

My current interests are the dislocation of individuals within postmodern cities and the disconnected identities in those utopic urban spaces. I am interested in the flâneur (in the Baudelarian way and beyond), and the ongoing inclusion of these practices in Psychogeography and the Situationist International theory. Furthermore, the unconscious use of this practice in the Postmodern City.

I am also exploring the sense of belonging and the relationship between the individual and the city from the perspective of cultural identities 

Past Research


Previous research has been focused on the aesthetics o the Surrealist movement alongside the photography produced by this group of artists, with special attention to the artist Man Ray. As a result of my MSc, I produced a dissertation titled The surreal erotic image through the photography of Man Ray. 

The use of photography as a method to study Art History and Visual Culture has been key to my current and previous research. Furthermore, my Ph.D. was entitled The study of the city through photography: From Surrealism to Postmodernism.

Knowledge Exchange


(For conferences and symposiums, please see publications)

- Methods of Research and the Masterpiece: from History of Art to Visual Culture. 17th October 2018. University of Aberdeen

- Coordinator of the Seminar "Restoration and sculpted bodies. how our perception has changed over time". 10th October 2018. University of Aberdeen

- Amnesiac Spaces and Ephemeral Aesthetics: Postmodern Cities. (Film and Visual Culture Research Seminar Series, University of Aberdeen) 15th March



University of Oviedo (Spain)



 Supervision of dissertations in:

BA (Hons) Spanish and Latin American Studies (2020-2021)

MSc Creative and Cultural Communication (2019- 2020)


Funding and Grants


Conference Travel Grant - University of Oviedo, 2015

EU Fund Postindustrial Development - University Access (Fees and Support) 2007-2012

EU Fund Postindustrial Development - English Language Studies in England (Fees, Accommodation, and Support)  2009-2012



Teaching Responsibilities


Coordination 2021/2022

EL5596 Public Engagement for the Arts

FS30FD/40FD Cinematic Cities

SP30SD, SP40SD Cultural Identities, and Representations in 20th Century Spanish Art & Visual Culture

SP40A5 Spanish Language 7


Teaching Spring 2021/2022

EL5596 Public Engagement for the Arts

FS1508 Introduction to Film and the cinematic Experience

FS4502 Dissertation in Film and Visual Culture

SP40A5 Spanish Language 7

SP2531 Spanish Language 5

SP2525 Spanish Language 3

SP1528 Spanish Oral 2


Teaching Fall 2021/2022

FS1008 Introduction to Visual Culture

FS4002: Dissertation in Film and Visual Culture

FS30FD/40FD Cinematic Cities

SP30SD/SP40SD Cultural Identities, and Representations in 20th Century Spanish Art & Visual Culture

SP40A5 Spanish Language 7

Non-course Teaching Responsibilities


Spanish and Latin American Studies Department

Library/bookstore Rep

Incoming Erasmus Coordinator

Website Coordinator

DELE Exams Coordinator (HS1) 


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