Feeling the Pinch in January? Can Money Buy Happiness? Professor to Reveal How to Measure Wellbeing

Feeling the Pinch in January? Can Money Buy Happiness? Professor to Reveal How to Measure Wellbeing

Professor Enrico Giovannini, a world-leading expert in wellbeing research is to present his latest findings on how wellbeing should be measured

Professor Enrico Giovannini is an internationally recognised expert in the field of wellbeing and co-chair of the Independent Expert Advisory Group on the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development established by the Secretary General of the United Nations. 

This seminar will be based on a project he initiated at the Italian National Institute of Statistics that aims to collect wellbeing data at local and regional as well as national levels, enabling the understanding of wellbeing in cities and regions as well as nationally.

Wellbeing describes how we are doing individually and as a society and considers not just economic growth but also considers health, relationships and measures of economic and social progress. 

Professor Giovannini was behind The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s “Better Life Initiative” and then moved on to create the same set of initiatives in The Italian National Institute of Statistics.  For his work on the measurement of societal wellbeing, he was awarded the Gold Medal of the President of the Republic of Italy and is a member of the Club of Rome.

Professor Claire Wallace, Chair in Sociology at the University of Aberdeen said:"

The measurement of wellbeing is of increasing international importance and the Scottish Government is at the forefront of these developments in looking at how to put these measures into policy through the National Performance Framework. 

Professor Enrico Giovannini, will lead a discussion about how these measures can be applied in Scotland and in Aberdeen.  New ideas for measuring wellbeing are being pioneered at the University of Aberdeen and my own book on this topic is coming out later this year.   I am looking forward to better understanding how we can take this forward in the City and Shire. “

This session is part of the University of Aberdeen and the Scottish Universities Insight Institute Paths to Wellbeing project which brings together academic research, wellbeing practitioners and the public. You can find out more about the project at www.abdn.ac.uk/engage/wellbeing

Dr Heather Doran, of the Public Engagement with Research Unit said:”

The Paths to Wellbeing project has brought together researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the public in open space, accessible community forums across Scotland. The aim is to generate shared insights that can influence and inform future policies on health and wellbeing that have potential to have an impact on society at large”

You are warmly invited to attend and take part in this informal discussion.  The seminar will take place in Aberdeen Town House Broad Street/Union Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1AQ, Aberdeen City, UK on Monday, January 12th at 6pm.  Places are free but if you would like to attend please let us know via email :  amandamoir@aberdeencity.gov.uk