Sir Duncan Rice Library captured in architect's illustration

Sir Duncan Rice Library captured in architect's illustration

The University of Aberdeen's stunning Sir Duncan Rice Library has been confirmed as a 'work of art' after a celebrated architect included it in a series of graphic illustrations of the world's most striking universities.

André Chiote, from Portugal, drew images of Delft University Library, the Seattle Public Library, and the Brasilia National Library, as well as the Sir Duncan Rice Library in celebration of their unique forms.

In an email, André said: “Libraries are exceptional buildings and reference in the cities and usually are distinguished by the architectural quality, as [is] yours.

“My posters emphasize a certain view of the building: an architectural detail. And your façade it's very iconic and graphically interesting.

“Additionally [there] exists in relation to libraries an affective side. There is nothing I like more than a wall with books .”

You can view more of André’s work and buy prints of the artwork here.

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