Aberdeen hosts Community Archaeology Event

The Department of Archaeology recently hosted an international seminar on Community Archaeology in the Sir Duncan Rice Library, University of Aberdeen. ‘Community Archaeologies in Practice: Global Perspectives’ saw university researchers and community members from Japan, Alaska and Scotland came together to share their experiences of doing community-based archaeology across four unique research projects: Rebun Island (Hokkaido), Nunalleq (western Alaska), Bennachie (Aberdeenshire) and Rhynie (also in Aberdeenshire). A particularly significant aspect of the seminar was the contribution of community researchers. The diverse audience of undergraduates, postgraduates and staff along with professionals and other members of the public were treated to moving presentations on the challenges and benefits of linking communities and academic researchers. Notable mentions included presentations offered by members of the indigenous communities of Hokkaido (Ainu) and Alaska (Yupik), along with community researchers and artists from rural Aberdeenshire (the Bailies of Bennachie and Rhynie Woman).