University hosts 35th Annual Cement and Concrete Conference

University hosts 35th Annual Cement and Concrete Conference

The University of Aberdeen will showcase its expertise in the development of new and sustainable concrete technologies as it hosts the 35th Cement & Concrete Science Conference.

The three-day event, which begins today (Wednesday, August 26), will see experts from around the world visit the University to discuss the latest in cement and concrete applications and research. 

Held at King’s College Conference Centre, the conference consists of a series of presentations and workshops that cover a range of topics including the application of carbon capture and storage technology in developing carbon-based concretes, and oil well and subsurface cementing.

The conference will also enable academic and industrial researchers to showcase their research on breakthrough topics, including a focus on the Green Concrete Project led by the University of Aberdeen.

Funded by the Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD), the project aims to develop the next generation of sustainable, environmentally friendly, affordable green cements and concretes that can be used in the construction of durable, high quality building and infrastructure projects. 

Dr Mohammed Imbabi, who is the University’s lead academic on the project and who is chairing the conference, said that developing new and innovative varieties of cement and concrete is becoming increasingly important in the drive to reduce worldwide carbon emissions.

“Cement is the second most widely used material in the world after water, however its production leads to significant amounts of CO2 being released into the atmosphere,” he explained.

“What we are doing through the Green Concrete project is developing new generations of cement that will significantly reduce emissions by taking carbon released through production processes and turning it into sustainable building materials.

“Essentially what we are doing is carbon capture and utilisation – a lot of people are working in this area but in Aberdeen we are a world leader.”

Dr Imbabi highlighted the project as just one example of the kind of new and innovative technologies to come under the spotlight at the conference, which last visited Aberdeen over 30 years ago.

And he added that the programme is particularly relevant to industry based in based in Europe’s Energy Capital.

“We have given the conference a local flavour by introducing topics like carbon capture and storage and oil well and sub-surface cementing applications,” he said.

“The programme includes presentations from the Chief Executives of the Oil and Gas Innovation Centre and Construction Scotland Innovation Centre, which will outline funding opportunities available to support research and development collaborations between industry and the academic research base.

“In addition, Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage will lead a workshop exploring the challenges and opportunities for the cement industry arising from the technology, which brings together eight of Scotland’s top experts on the subject and will conclude with a panel discussion where there will be an opportunity to discuss these exciting new fields.

“Our aim is to attract people from local industry who may have an interest in construction and offshore applications of cement to come along to the event, which is open to all.  The presence of so many leading researchers and industry figures is sure to provide a revealing insight into the application of new concrete technologies and how they can benefit industry.” 

Further information on the conference, including contact and registration details, can be found here

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