Event offers opportunity for young people to shape healthy living programmes

Researchers aiming to develop healthy lifestyle programmes designed for young people by young people will host a taster event at Inchgrath Community Centre.

A mixed group of researchers from the University of Aberdeen in collaboration with the Inchagrth Community Centre will host a free evening of healthy fun on Friday November 7.

Aimed at 15 to 25 year olds, the night will offer an opportunity for people to try their hand at a range of activities such as jazzercise, high intensity training sessions, and street football.

There will also be cooking workshops showing how to make healthier cakes with the opportunity for all to taste them.  Plus healthier pizzas will be available to try and compare with standard supermarket ones

The aim of the evening, which will offer those who take part the chance to win an iPad mini, is to establish the type of activities young people feel would be beneficial or popular, those they don’t want and how they might be put together as an overall program specifically for their age group.

Dr Lorna Aucott, from the University of Aberdeen, said: “We know that young people tend to start dropping out of sports and exercise from about 15 onwards when they discover other activities.

“In addition, previous studies we have conducted show that from the age of 17 when they start becoming more independent and move away from home, patterns can develop such as irregular eating times and more time spent socialising which can lead to less healthy behaviours.

“The habits established in this period can set the pattern for later life so this is a critical point to help steer people towards healthier behaviours.  Many of the current programmes have had little input from the young people themselves and quickly resulting in poor attendance.  Using this approach we hope to jointly develop a program that they will be interested in.

“Not only do we want folk to try the activities, we also want feedback- this will qualify them for the mini ipad prize!

“The ideas will then be taken forward with the aim of building them into tailored healthy living programmes.“

The taster evening takes place from 7pm to 10pm at Inchgarth Community Centre on Aboyne Place, Garthdee on Friday November 7. For more information visit www.inchgarth.org